• 55orbust

    My sister was telling me about this the other day but I didn’t get the details because she was laughing too hard

  • Andrew Aimes

    didn’t see that one coming

  • Uber mask

    hahaha, that’s pretty funny

  • Julie



    I want to know that guy. I want to be his friend.

  • Plardo

    I wonder what he did?

  • chris

    I actually grew up in Pullman and those numbers seem a little low, that and there is a complete lack of unwarranted savage beatings (most likely frat related) leading to hospitalization, and no mention of date rapes, maybe some of the students at WSU are cleaning up their act.

  • matt

    Notice that theres no one going to the hospital or gettign in car accidents because of marijuana …HYPOCRISY!

  • brenden

    go cougs

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  • michael

    go cougs!

  • TobyMac

    It only says Batman broke one of the windows. I think you read the two from the sentence after that.

  • paul5

    Yo Dawg I heard you like Batman. So we killed your parents.

  • wordsy

    To be fair, they were dressed as bottles of Resolve for Pet Stains.

  • Anonymous

    WSC became WSU before you were born. You must be a Husky.

  • Colby Sax

    Awesome night at wsu. I witnessed a teletubbie knockout hugh hefner

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