The greatest parents in all the land Part 2 (24 Photos)

great parents fail The greatest parents in all the land Part 2 (24 Photos)

Lead photo from the great peopleofwalmart [dot] com

  • Jonathan Passow

    #1 was a prank someone did a few years back. Not a real baby.

  • DAN

    horrible parents

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with #19? He’s just sitting in the Stanley Cup and…..IT’S THE F*CKING STANLEY CUP!

    • CassieM


  • Rich JM

    Hehe #6 is from a short film. Still funny though

  • Veronarat

    I agree with poster #3. It’s THE STANLEY CUP! Holy shit! That kid is awesome in my book!

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  • top dog

    #16 is funny, the baby must have farted or something.

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  • boneman

    well, I’m pretty sure daddy’s not going to give him the keys to the SUV anymore.

  • Anonymous

    13 is a painting. Hope I didn’t ruin it for you

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  • Josan

    really fun

  • jd_leafs

    #18 is actually a sad story. That's Jean Sebastien Giguere's son – Maxime-Olivier. He has a medical problem with his eye.

  • Ninja

    These people need to die……a horrible death.

  • Snepsts

    Sorry, but sitting in the Stanley Cup makes you the most Awesome Fucking parent Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan Passow

    Oh, it’s changed now. Nevermind.

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