We love our fans! And we need your help!

audio ad We love our fans! And we need your help!
Dear Chivers,

I want to take moment to thank all of our loyal fans who make time to visit The Chive and escape the monotonous reality of the real world -and also John and I want to set a couple things straight…

#1. We are not sellouts. We have to advertise to provide you all with free, mindnumbing, awesome content on a daily basis. It pays for us to live and for our outrageous hosting/bandwidth bills. On that note, we want everyone to have a nice user experience and to keep the ads as unobtrusive as possible. We run multiple ad networks through our site and occasionally an annoying auto-audio ad slips through the cracks. We hate these as much as you do and we do not intentionally run them -see screenshot above (we are trying to get rid of this ad asap). Sometimes these ads are geotargeted to locations outside of Chicago and Los Angeles where John and I work so we are unaware they are running. We rely on you all to let us know if you see an annoying auto-audio ad or auto-expanding ad and we will have them removed as soon as possible. As much as we like the lives of our first born children threatened, please keep these “feedback” emails civil.

#2. If you think John and I have awesome jobs, we do.

#3. We would like to give you a sneak peak of our new website made just for chicks (and a guilty pleasure for guys), shechive.com and introduce our sister Emily who is the Head Editor and runs the show over there. Although it is currently live, we have not technically launched the site yet as we are still working out some kinks/populating it and we officially launch next Monday. So check back next week and bookmark SheChive ladies!

That is all -Chive On!
Leo and John

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