What the… (5 photos)

a error message nature 0 What the... (5 photos)

  • Nv_Me

    I Like Turtles……

  • Jonathan Passow


  • Laura

    Taken from izismile.com:

    “In the city of Odessa, Ukraine this Windows error box was floating. It looks weird but it was not photoshopped or whatsoever.
    Actually, there was a big fog that night in Odessa and what you see in the sky was an advertisement projection with this Windows error message.”

  • Anonymous

    batman, gotham needs you

    • Anonymous

      Don’t you mean

      Bill Gates? LOL

  • robert ball

    The truth is outre!

  • HVK

    omg, so the matrix is real?!

  • chloe

    those pics are probly computer

  • ladyguitarstar

    i lawled at your comment, trash :)) im assuming your handle, ‘tr45h’ is trash.

  • tr45h

    ofcourse the matrix is real… but if it run’s on windows we’re all screwed :O

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