D-bag contest in South Beach and everyone is a winner (30 photos)

a stupid car rims26 D bag contest in South Beach and everyone is a winner (30 photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    I wonder which welfare office is subsidizing these. So many nice cars…what a horrible fate.

  • Equalizer


  • Phil

    OMG someone’s opinion differs from yours!! ATTACK HIM! KILL KILL KILL AAAHHH!!!
    It’s like you’re religious.

  • Equalizer

    modianos did you just had your period that’s why your boyfriend refused to fuck you last night?

  • Jordo

    How does someone who presents them self as “gangsta” have fuck’en Sponge Bob on the side of there car? I would seriously LMFAO if I saw a drive by shooting (not funny) from a car with Spong Bob on it! (very funny)

  • NoNceNse

    The only part i hate about The Chive is when they insult the things I like. I love dunks!!! I dont really like 2,3,9,18,19, and 26 but i like all the rest of them. Of course I prefer exotics, 4×4's, lowriders, hot rods, and classics a little bit more.

    P.S. C'mon people open your fucking minds and dont knock on shit you don't know about.

    • Beastiality

      "dont knock on shit you don't know about. "

      haha, what's there to know?

  • Chiver

    How did the camera man not get shot taking these pictures?

  • cmg

    Personally I think they look kind of funny, but I guess the nice thing about those rims is that you would never notice if you get a flat. Unfortutely they wouldn’t last a block in my area. Obviously those rims aren’t made with Canadian winters or potholes in mind. 😛

  • aaron

    some nice cars but #1 looks retarded..gotta agree with hellhath too, do whatever you want with your car, its your $$ but some of those classic Detroit muscle cars just shouldnt be messed with.

  • ken

    The cars are tacky. Too much trying to show off. I can understand paying money for nice things because you appreciate and enjoy quality. Those things are bad art at best and more realstically just a pitiful attempt to show off that the owner has money to waste on “bling.”

    Spending money and begging for attention merely to demonstrate to others that you have money to spend isn’t culture it is a lack of character, as is trying to establish self-worth on spending gobs of cash and showing off garish luxuries.

  • MzA

    how does having one of these cars make you gangster?
    yea some of them overdid it but DONKS are ok
    its just the style they prefer
    number 7 looks good
    wtf is wrong with having one of these cars!?!?!?

  • Dia

    i doubt any of these are tryna be “gangsta” they are cruisin. seems like everyone is a douchbag now and days, i think its time that word retires

  • Joe

    Nigger…there i said it

  • Ekwulysur

    For the record, 4 looks legit to me, and I’m super white.

  • zxkxc


  • Vance

    Id rather see these than just the same old stock vehicles everyday, I just wouldn’t be found driving one. Too high maintenance

  • gtr

    if you got the money to spend, why dont you just buy a nicer ride? instead of making it look tacky

  • Lurkin619

    Those cars are gay

  • Notknowing

    The blue convertible is a 71 Olds 442. Classic ride. Most have had extensive work and flashy paint jobs. My respect to those who did the work.

  • modianos

    thats drug money financin that girl! i sure the baby mamas are on welfare tho.

  • modianos

    youre a fucking idiot if you think any of those are cool. well, youre a fucking idiot anyway!

  • http://icefirex.deviantart.com s3xt0y

    your just mad because never in your life will you be able to stumble from your broken computer chair to afford such a thing.

    some are good looking some aren’t its how life works.

  • HellHathNoFury

    My dad has a 69 charger that needs some serious interior work, and some ganster guy wanted to buy it. When my dad asked what he was planning on doing with it, he said ‘puttin dat on sum doze 22s, paynin it baby blue wida paisley blue rag on da roof’. my dad said, hell no, because people will know that I sold it to you!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Dora the Explorer and Spongebob’s boutsta have a show-down in B-Town. Maybe the Dora one means, Swiper no swiping my car?

  • HellHathNoFury

    Very well-spoken.

  • dummy

    way to keep it white! you dont want “dem” touching “yours”, right?? Or would you rather everyone drive a fucking minivan and live in the suburbs and watch Friends every night?

  • dummy

    so is pointing out what you think are everyone elses problems rather trying to find out why someone would do something that you dont understand. I also like your argument of “ditto”… “what he said, thats what i meant”.

    stupid. this is why this site sucks. a bunch of fucking white people sitting behind their computers thinking their shit dont stink.

  • Ekwulysur

    YEAH!! I’m SURE the guys who own these cars are very cultured, learned people who contribute a great deal to their society.

  • HellHathNoFury

    seeing as my daughter is mixed-race, yup, I’m racist. The most racist. Person. Ever. In fact, I got the Most Aryan Racist Ever award from my friendly local Aryan Nations chapter. *whispers* And YOU assumed from the way I typed his complete lack of enunciation, that he wasn’t white. Did I say he wasn’t white? No, YOU ASSUMED. So YOU were stereotyping. By the way, he was white. So you’re saying thyat since he talked like an uneducated idiot, he must have been black. Good for you.

  • Ekwulysur

    Get used to it, dummy. A world without opinions is one I certainly wouldn’t want to live in. It’s also pretty hypocritical of you to tell people not to pass judgements on the morons who fabricated these things and then turn around and basically call them ignorant white racists.

  • Ekwulysur

    What’s there to know? People fabricate their cars to look like they rolled out of an elementary student’s art project. Am I missing something?

  • dummy

    i never said dont judge. thats like asking an animal not to lick itself. it wont work since i dont speak animal.

    judging others is what connects most of humanity. “oh i agree with you, these people are retarded….you like me now, righ?”

    and to end: im judging you…..oh im judging you hard right now……

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