Daily morning randomness (27 photos)

a funny random bb 81 Daily morning randomness (27 photos)

  • Mark

    The man is a lucky bastard, but the legend is going to get a beating later.

  • Equalizer

    Funny cat

  • zak

    I keep seeing this ‘dead pakistani’ thing come up… It’s a quote from the tv show LOST

  • gemjack

    The google one is from the show Lost.

  • ken

    And the Hallmark card reads:

    “To the BEST Mother In Law EVER. To show my appreciation I want to give you two gifts, the first is this ticket for a ride in an African Safari Park! And the second is this fresh horse meat necklace.”

  • Jesus

    Pic 24 is known to be an abysal fish, I don’t know the name in english, but in spanish is known as “Rey de los Arenques”. Nice one

  • http://www.lemonparty.com John

    #25 is a quote from lost

  • megarath2000

    .. and it was only slightly finny the first time. All subsequent repeats, not so much.

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