There is no explanation for any of this (22 Photos)

no explanation lead There is no explanation for any of this (22 Photos)

Just a friendly reminder that the SHE CHIVE is going to melt your faces off on Monday when it opens. Click here for a sneak peak. Chive On!

  • darren lost


  • Brandon

    #3 made me laugh pretty hard. The last one, if real, is the worst job ever.

  • Equalizer

    Miss Phuket = modianos

  • urlfail

    the santa hand holding pic is so creepy

  • Rei

    Guy with red shirt, on the 3rd from last pic is dressed like Spaghett from Tim and Eric Awesome Show great job! NEAT!

  • doyoulikethisgig

    Damn, thats alot of fat people. I bet half of the water is gone when they get out.

  • ken

    I didn’t know they had Santa Clause in the days of the Roman Empire. Is that a Young Caligula? No wonder he was so screwed up!

    Lots of LOL selections in this set.

  • Anonymous

    After a big night out Dave always ends up riding a hariy pig.

  • LMC

    #16 was taken from my GCSE biology textbook – they were explaining how they test antiperspirants and deoderants. Note the safety specs!

  • boneman

    lots of answers for this one…
    #1 His girl friend is a pig
    #2 He has no girlfriend
    #3 this guy is trying to give his girlfriend a wanna-have-sex pill
    #4 This lil guy wants some BJ action from his girl friend
    #5 This guy thought that getting drunk and riding over to pick up his girlfriend on his brick bike would make it OK. Well, she’s built like a brick…
    #6 The dreaded Hydrogen Nuclear wedgie
    #7 The part we don’t see…of 1947. Back then, she was HOT!
    #8 Wow! I’de really like to be in the non-peeing section of this pool….
    #9 Miss Phuket’s boyfriend (she thinks HE’S hot)
    #10 and right after the picture was snapped, they shoved the girl’s face into the cake. (It’s OK, though…the lil girl was a big fan of Soupy Sales)
    #11 Miss Phuket’s daughter. (No no…the one on the left. And the lady on the right just found out)
    #12 “Number one, this is NOT alcoholic, and number two, I am NOT PREGNANT!”
    #13 “Dang! This worked so cool in ‘Trainspotting’…”
    #14 This guy wishes he had used underarm deodorant this morning.
    #15 Right after the ceremony, the reluctant mother-in-law was taken to jail. We don’t know WHO the guy on the right is….
    #16 Miss Phuket 1947, again…(no, not on the left…on the right!)
    #17 Mildred sniffed the armpit, and then, in a sudden emotional gesture, leaned in, squeezed his arm a bit, and then licked…
    #18 They spelled her name wrong on the cake, she hates horses, nobody came to her party, and the toy horse toy crapped on her cake. Right after the picture, she went face down on the cake (even though she had ni idea WHO Soupy Sales was) and ate it all….(except for where the horse left the toy crap)
    #19 Remeber the girl that liked Soupy Sales way up there?
    This is her yesterday…
    #20 And the girl with the horses on her cake? This is her after the operation. (the one on the left)
    #21 Miss Phuket 1947 in 1967
    #22 Yup, you guessed right if you guessed Miss Phuket 1947 at her work. That’s her in the middle …
    Sorry. I couldn’t help myself….

  • Digitsis

    some good ones here. The santa and the little girl is verrrrryy creepy.

  • Glacier


  • 最后那个钻进去了么.

  • boneman


  • boneman


  • Davey

    the dude in the pig costume!nice!
    dudes, #12 looks like mona lisa

  • at work

    why is ronald mcdonald so sad?

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • HellHathNoFury

    it didn’t have any water in it. Just their body grease.

  • Travis

    You just had to take it that far didn’t ya’? Eww!

  • blueberryvoodoo

    ha!, that spaghett costume is awesome!! crusty mouth and all….SPAGHETT!

  • Anonymous

    Yes I meant ‘hairy’, leave it.

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