• Jimmy

    Awesome lol

  • Tyler


  • Thundercunt

    I looked…and looked….and will look again later.

  • Anonymous

    Haha, I love how this was "hidden." Fuck yeah for easter eggs!

  • hyssop

    The first picture requires some big time cropping … why just the eyes .. .take the whole face away.

    • aleXTC

      please die

    • LLD

      I see your point, hyssop, but apparently it is not universally appreciated. She may have a beautiful face, but the little bit of we are allowed to glimpse does not reveal that beauty. It probably would have been best to edit from below the chin if she did not feel comfortable showing her entire face. Usually it is best to see the whole face to better see her beauty. I think the expression of her her mouth has something to do with it also, that kind of disinterested, unsmiling, concentration gaze that says she's more interested in framing the photo just so, rather than radiating her beauty through her pouting lips. Besides, when one posts their photo for the world to judge, one must expect to be judged critically.

  • Nelson Costa

    Amazing breasts girl!
    i would take good care of them B)

    • Pwithc

      wow you're creepy

    • Leon

      I hope you know thats a dude….

  • equalizermax

    And it's not even Nov 14 yet…

  • JohnnyJ

    [After 5 minutes] O, a Chive tattoo…!

  • Sooners Win

    Fake…… the text and text bubble are much darker than the dino.. its sharpie

    • YupYupYup

      do not be so easily distracted from what truly matters, my son. Focus. Focus.

    • faemike55

      Ya think?

    • Raliegh

      no shit, sherlock…

    • solrac zemog


  • Tommy Dieterich

    Why don't we have this option every week?

  • Zeus


  • BRAD


  • PERV

    did any one else catch the nip on the right one???

    • :-)

      to be exact in between the index and middle finger…

    • Vaughn

      Apparently YOU missed the Left one. BOTH are peeking out if you zoom in… sneaky. 😉

    • Billyt2112

      That is what i thought we were looking for….i saw it

    • JCShade

      The left as well.

    • Sodomy

      Not enough to masturbate to. Next!

  • Tofu_Ninja

    That girl likes rings… Oh, bewbs!

  • foshizzle

    butterface i bet

  • Sarah Anne Frisch

    i thought the "look closer" was one boob is way bigger then the other. wtf?

    • LLD

      Do you really want your child's innocent face to be shown in this arena? Along with your real name? You might wanna think that one through a little bit…

  • tom

    If you noticed the dinosaur first, I've got some bad news for you….

  • SexySorcerer

    Huh. I thought the image was trying to help us realize that her right nipple is poking out from between her fingers.

  • sheoncebelieved

    do a whole post dedicated to chicks clutching their tits..please

  • jasmine

    im a girl and i noticed the tattoo right away. but im guessing none of you guys did?

  • bobsagetsays

    i think she needs another ring

  • Logan

    I love how the Chive can make any woman a whore!

  • Lucas

    still looking..

  • Chad

    Don't care, just tits

    • LLD

      Really, who cares about the stupid tattoo? We don't care about cute or clever – we're here to see her stuff, not her marker talents!

  • scrot

    Amazing Betty Boop lips!!!!!

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