• One Sick Puppy!

    Actually….I think this is in Galveston….close to where I live.

  • http://thechive.com John

    yup, Galveston, fixed thx!

  • Jesus

    Sure about that?

  • Sean

    Im sure if he has enough money to buy one he has enough money to fix it.

  • w3rw0lf

    OH shit
    OH shit
    OH shit
    Oh…. u know.

  • Big Bob

    Anyone see the low-flying pelican? I’m betting the insurance company doesn’t either!

  • Killien

    “Pretty sure that’s a lambo”


  • Matt

    lol those kids said it was a lambo. Thats a bugatii (like the name says) and i’m pretty sure its only 1.3 million dollars not 2. sucks to be him though. I’m sure though that he has plenty of money to buy another though. Sucks he’s probably gotta wait a long ass time again on the huge waiting list. lol

  • Phil

    I saw pics of a ferrari in a lake but at least that guy dove his car into the water in order to NOT hit a child on the road.

  • LOL

    “im pretty sure thats a lambo”

    epic epic fail

  • Dudes

    I wish every time something this awesome happens, these kids are there to film it.

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  • One Sick Puppy!

    Oh……1st btw!

  • billybrown00

    I’m a total douchebag

  • Bug Bait

    That’s salt water – may be no fixing it…….

  • Anonymous

    Lambo, that’s awful

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