Explain this… (7 photos)

a california fire cross3 Explain this... (7 photos)

We here at The Chive have a policy of no porn, politics, religion, or muppets (don’t ask) but we would love to hear whatcha ya’ll think about these photos the recent California brush fires… um, miracle??

Photo credit: Gene Blevins/LA DailyNews

  • Vectus

    Its not made of flammable material?

  • Mark

    That’s weird, doesn’t even appear to have smoke/fire damage at all.

  • jan

    yeah, well, MUST have been god's work then. sure. he's the kinda guy to randomly save something like a f***ing cross. blargh. people, please get it, he's part of a story that was made-up thousands of years ago to put some fear and discipline into people and to explain stuff that happened, and it's outdated and stupid and only dangerous today.

    • Anonymous


      • Jeff

        If you say “faith before all” then it leads me to believe that you’re probobly the type of person who likes it when other people do all your thinking for you. The cross is standing on a STONE area of the cliff. The fire went around it. It never reached it. I think it is also a great possibility that it was made of either stone or metal, as to be non-flammable. Also for your information, I am not a liberal. Try thinking for yourself. Just because you have been told something your whole life, does not make it true.

        • Peace of Mind

          Do you think your faith in science is less narrow? You should do a little history on religion. Thousands of years ago people didn't have the capacity or the science to even rationalize what was in the bible but on more times than one can count science has proven the bible right long before the technology was there. This is also true about what the bible says about family, money, marriage, jobs etc. I was not a believer but the more I studied the more I found truth. It’s true that stories don't generate fact, but science is only fact until proven otherwise. I don’t need someone to tell me the feeling I get from the gospel is fact, its peace of mind that gets me through the week and makes life’s trials and tribulations make sense. Its not just about a guy in the clouds. I wish it was that simple. God Bless You Jeff try not being so much of a cynic, or at least try to be more liberal minded and respect others beliefs at least until you can prove to me that I'm wrong. Good Luck.

    • Mike

      Only dangerous? Seems to me that if people followed some Biblical teachings, people would probably be better off. The new testament teaches forgiveness and understanding while not judging people for who they are. Who can't agree with that? This is probably the most un-chive comment I've ever seen on this site.

    • Ball Buster

      your part of a story that was put here thousands of years ago to lie to people and convince them what the feel in their heart and their gut is just gas. Your an ass hole! Bottom line your doing satans work dipshit weather you know it or not the Bible talks about you to.

  • Kevin

    So the cross is saved and yet the houses where actual people lived burned down. What a miracle….

    • ball buster

      hope it was your house.

  • Debelco

    how about… hmmmm … let me think… The cross was not WOODEN!!!

    • ball buster

      white cross in the middle of a forest fire with not so much as a smudge of soot or smoke damage. Metal or not it's pretty amazing. Thankyou for your discounted imagination, idiot.

    • JHNWRL

      ok debelco – then explain the lack of smoke damage, soot, etc …………

  • andré

    ok, im definitely taking this site out of my bookmarks

    • ball buster

      don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you

  • Ekwulysur

    This is precisely the reason that I built my house in the shape of a cross, and walk around nailed to one. People are so mean about it, but it's the price I have to pay to be safe from the fires of Lucifer's Hell.

    • bigWhiteguy

      YOU!! My friend deserve a High Five.

      • ball buster

        Both of you deserve what you have coming.

  • Anonymous

    Awwww poor hawsee.

  • The Animal

    a funny website without muppets is like bread without flour

  • gemjack

    surely the devil’s work.

  • Mustache

    made of stone…or god just loves the letter “t”

  • bohous

    I’m going with either it’s not the same cross or it’s been repainted.

  • just so so


    • The Jew

      im guessing that your 5 years of study in english was more conversational than grammatical?

  • Brandon

    How about we explain why that horse is so emaciated?

  • Chris

    Guessing it was made of concrete?

  • diggity

    Ever hear of metal?

  • lina

    lol this reminds me of simpson’s episode where flander’s house never got burnt when homer’s did after he refused to go to church….this is funny

  • yaluha

    i guess the last one is just another photo taken before in autumn

  • Willy

    I’m a Catholic, I believe in God.


    picture no.7 is shopped. its fake!

  • deadpool926

    repent now!!! the end is near….

    then dont die a virgin!!!

  • Yoossa

    I’ve seen muppets on here. There’s some Randomness where Kermit and Bale are having an argument of who’s the real batman. Quite funny, and also quite muppetty.

  • One Sick Puppy!

    Its fake. The trees in the last picture aren’t even burned. The pic was taken in the fall or something.. If those trees were burned, then there wouldn’t be small branches on the trees. they would have been burned.

  • top dog

    The pictures with the cross, doctored.

  • flaming

    it’s a new cross.

  • Kevin

    The cross is facing a different direction in the last pic from the same angle. Mystery solved.

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