Foreign bus drivers seem pretty safe (9 photos)

a foreign bus drivers 4 Foreign bus drivers seem pretty safe (9 photos)

  • some random guy

    not any different than the drivers here

  • fat american

    we are fatter.

  • EP

    All are Chinese drivers. Truly, they have the rudest driver of all the world!

  • Nv_Me

    They eat like Savages!!

  • Anonymous

    fucking bus driver! where do they get off having a quick meal between shifts. arseholes

  • DarkKnight

    脸都丢到国外去了… 郁闷啊

  • 湖北汽院

    everywhere have such things!fuck your shit website

  • candyman

    better than a quick CRACK break, i guess!

  • poopoo

    foreign for who? world wide web numbskulls

  • ken

    At least they are not texting.

  • Jeebus Suck Cock

    relax, at least they are not at the phone, which through statistic say causes accident, there’s no law say no reading or eating while driving

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