Is Alizee Paradis the hottest NCAA athlete ever? (22 Photos)

hot ncaa lead Is Alizee Paradis the hottest NCAA athlete ever? (22 Photos)

Totalprosports has found a real gem. Her name is Alizee Paradis. In ‘04 she was recruited by Marshall University on a full scholarship, ending her college career at the University of Cincinnati (Skyline Chili FTW). She was an assistant at Cinci for a year before pursuing her new career as a model. So whaddya’ think, Chivers. Model or Part-time model? (more photos here)

Photo creadit: Terry Jackson Photography

  • Soho

    she’s hot and the fact that she played sports adds some points fo sho

  • Brian

    fapping gently

  • Equalizer

    Better than most, not the best.

  • getbig

    dear god

  • mike

    not impressed

  • farisdayoff

    Just your average facebook ho.

  • DrRockso

    she would do well in porn

  • Lala

    Sexiest shots are in those tennis shorts.



  • ChrisDG74

    Mmmm. Yummy, She goes to my alma mater. All UC girls are HAWT.

  • Anonymous

    She’d be sexier if she had an ass.

  • Lik

    Roast Beef Curtains!

  • D

    Yes….In love again.

  • T

    hot, but part time

  • Psarae

    The less hard she tries, the hotter she is.

  • KP


  • Anonymous

    shes alright i bet she puts her pussy on a pedistill though

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  • Anonymous

    she’s good lookin….if your into a self absorbed club skank. That has no ass whatsoever. Key indicator none of her pics are showing any booty. Every girl these days thinks she’s a model.

  • void

    She is plenty fine if you actually had a chance with her, but model hot? Maybe not, I see a sportscasting type job in her future

  • marsmellow

    I think not so cute

  • geez

    relax people

  • at work

    she looked hottest in her tennis gear

  • Darren

    Alison stokke is much better.

  • Mtn. Dude

    Basically average. She does not possess that “wow…gulp” factor and probably never will without some silicon.

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