Jackasses who shave their eyebrows. Discuss (20 Photos)

eyebrows lead Jackasses who shave their eyebrows. Discuss (20 Photos)

  • Fortnight

    bad, really bad



  • trilla

    some of these girls might actually be pretty. I can’t tell though because they have lost the ability to make proper expressions

  • ChrisDG74


  • Brandon

    Some of the girls are definitely hot, and that hotness is depleted by doing this. The ones that don’t have anything in place look like aliens. And the ones that draw in ridiculously unrealistic replacement ones look dumb.


    “yes, can you pencil and expression of permanent surprise, please?”

  • Phil

    …I almost hope those fake eyebrows are tattooed on. So ugly.

  • One Sick Puppy!


  • aaron

    take that, parents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wade

    Ok I consider myself a fairly liberal person and that everyone should be free to do what they want but these idiots and hipsters should be forced to go to some sort of normalization camp so we don’t have to be exposed to such idiocy.

    • Sam

      youre not a fairly liberal person.. eat shit and die

  • Mr. Irony

    I kind of find this to be some what attractive on some of the chicks. 11 & 12, and then the chick with the cross around her neck.

    • Keri

      what is wrong w/ u?

  • top dog

    What the f–k is that, the new vampire look?

    • boogiephantom

      the one actually,

      the new one’s all about the shimer

  • robert ball

    Aren’t eyebrows supposed to help keep bird poop from falling in your eyes?

  • Ant

    Bet 90% of these people are in Tampa!

  • http://www.yousaytoo.com/big65mopar?8530 Bill The Welder

    Wow can ya feel the hate its stronger than what douche bags generate.

    Ok personally I think its ok but it takes the right person to pull it off and there are a few in these pics that can pull it off.

    • SilentThunder

      I agree with you, Bill The Welder, so much hate…
      Lets hope they are just venting and don’t carry it into the real world!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Notice they are all the same kind of people. Attention whores. If Captain Crunch doesn’t look good with no eyebrows on his forehead, guess what? Neither do you. It seems to be a requirement for whorish girls of all flavors. Like an ultra-visible tramp stamp. I really want to draw their eyebrows on Captain Hook-style. Muahhaa!

  • boneman

    wait a cotton pickin minute, here! What kind of blatant sexism is going on!?
    There were only two JACKasses! The rest were JANEasses, weren’t they?!
    (well, maybe…there was that one way weird one….I’m too scared to go count. Might have been a JACKass, too….))

  • Matt

    OMG i’m about to throw up.. UGH!

  • Psarae

    If they’re drawn back on, it’s a poor choice. If not… it’s just creepy.

  • http://icefirex.deviantart.com s3xt0y


  • Bug Bait

    Uh no need to get involved in the whole gender issue at all frankly as some of these individuals seem to be somewhat asexual.

    I think the proper scientific term is actually Jackassapians.

  • MavsHMB

    Most all of them were fugly to begin with. Shaving off their eyebrows just makes them look ridiculous.

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  • crabbieguy

    Is it just me or does the fourth one look like Uncle Fester’s sister.

  • Rawr

    It looks good on 90% of these people. I’m a major eyebrow fiend and I’d much rather see some nicely drawn on eyebrows than huge fuzzy ones. If you think drawing on eyebrows has ruined some of these chicks then just imagine them with big thick caterpillars on their faces…yeah.

  • Kimbo

    Eh, I don’t see what’s wrong with it. Let them remove their eyebrows.

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