Jackasses who shave their eyebrows. Discuss (20 Photos)

eyebrows lead Jackasses who shave their eyebrows. Discuss (20 Photos)

  • tbp

    i have no eyebrows.

    but i didnt shave them off

  • pundit

    whatever floats your boat as long as it keeps people out of my face

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  • No. 11

    What? Oh, they look different, so they must be jackasses. Of course.

    I, for one, admire their bold aesthetics.

  • No. 11

    I think the people who make fun of others just for looking the way they want are the jackasses.

  • Fae

    I think these all looked pretty awesome. ^^

  • ken

    Emo on steroids? Whatever floats your boat.

    And where is that woman going to squirt the Windex? If she plans to shoot-up, she’ll need a needle on that syringe.

  • ladyguitarstar

    Almost all of them look like/ trying to look like marilyn manson. *shudder*

  • Sun

    Although it makes her look like an alien, it kind of works for number four. She had very pretty eyes.

  • 111

    I like it : ) the third one is espacialy beautiful
    Its simply a preference. I prefer to keep mine
    Most seasoned goths/cybers can always carry of the browless thing :p
    stop crying because you dont understand something, get the salt out from you crotch seriously! xD

  • ozzie

    yo shortie in the purple is fly

  • anonymous

    The Mona Lisa didn’t have eyebrows.

  • yojimbo "the conquere"

    nice uglying yourselves ladies “two thumbs way way up!”

  • Anonymous

    Why stop at the brow? Get rid of all your hair. And swallow a bullet while you’re at it…you know you want to

  • KateAndria

    So I USED to shave off my eyebrows and draw them on betty page style right where my natural eyebrows would be because of how uneven my natural ones are. But learning how to actually fix my eyebrows I don’t do that anymore. Even though I have green eyes and pale skin and freckles people still though I was mexican. Which is not an insult to me but made want to grow mine back.

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  • Rat

    Shaving eyebrows is frowned upon ofcourse, but why not? The initial purpose for eyebrows, I believe, is to stop dirt going in your eyes, but that may have lost its purpose. It looks ugly, but most stuff they do about their appearance is ugly to me, so yeah.

    I shave mine too, but only the small part in the middle to get rid of my unibrow

  • bagofchicken

    do not want

  • Bob

    Here's my addition to the discussion…Fucking idiots.

  • Slightly offended


    Some of these may be fashion choices, some may be fashion choices in response to deal with their obsessive compulsion that cannot be cured in many due to the cause of it.

  • Brandon

    The girl wearing purple in the forest and the girl with the pink fingernails touching her lips are hot enough to make up for their otherwise poor foresight.

  • Psarae

    I think the scientific term is “jackassette.”

  • Mr. Irony

    Looking hot as usual. Can you create a photo of yourself with fake eyebrows, you know, for our amusement?

  • Anonymous

    pot meet kettle

  • HellHathNoFury

    Your lack of originality: it has been noted.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Ohhai sis! Yup, I super knew it was you. Stealing my caterpillar-eyebrow thing. Plaigarism, I say! If we didn't live together I'd sue you.

  • Ekwulysur

    There’s no rule that says they have to shave or pluck ALL of the hair. Ever heard of tweezing? These people are creepy. End of story.

  • Anonymous

    So we agree then. Now lets make babies.

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