She Chive: I'm pretty sure this is 'shopped (19 Photos)

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a sure this is shopped 0 She Chive: I'm pretty sure this is 'shopped (19 Photos)
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  • boneman

    Wait…there was only one picture! Does it count if there is only one picture?
    None-the-less, here’s someone that NEEDS to shave their eyebrows.

  • Gladius

    Shechive is not fun at all. I’m not telling is a bad thing, just not fun. Flat. Not hilariuos, a not necessary clone.

    Hope you don’t get mad at me for this, is just the truth :)

  • Equalizer

    19 Photos = FAILED

  • That Guy

    19??? Bait and switch!!! Bait and switch!!

  • yourmother

    “pretty sure” this is photoshopped? you’re totally stupid and so is this picture

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