Wee tiny homes for the minimalist inside us all (18 photos)

a tiny homes 2 Wee tiny homes for the minimalist inside us all (18 photos)

  • evanligus

    Those little houses are cool! It must be funny to own one like the one near the lake.

  • sticks

    I would seriously buy one of these. I’m single and don’t plan on having kids. I don’t need much space. And best of all, these houses are cheap!

  • justme

    So I guess these house off by themselves must run of generators…wonder what it does for water / sewage hook ups?

  • Jonathan Passow

    Awesome! Totally want one.

  • HellHathNoFury

    i wouldn’t be a good mother if I don’t build one for my daughter. These are awesome!

  • aaron

    cool…but how do you shit with no sewer hookup?

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  • cochese

    They have what is called compostable toilets….

  • MichaelGS

    is it too late to be adopted by you? i want one for me!

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