Daily Afternoon Randomness (22 Photos)

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chive rules Daily Afternoon Randomness (22 Photos)

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  • Psarae

    pretty eyes….


    The chive is pretty big. damn

  • ...

    ew…. the gymnast one is gross

  • LOL

    I notice the huge BUMP in thechive came shortly after the introduction of shechive? :) YAY!

  • w3rw0lf

    Who is that Eye-Girl? :o

  • Big Bob

    In 15 years, that kid on pic #1 will be dying to be in that situation again!

  • Brandon

    I’d let #1 sit on my face too. Same goes for #21.

  • HellHathNoFury

    That girl has such pretty eyes!
    Leave it someone who puts shetto wheels on a Grand Am to not know to put the jack under the FRAME.

  • Equalizer

    Picture # 6 is Very Funny!!!!

  • Kioshiro

    taste like homo !!……. FAIL !

  • at work

    this looks shopped…i can tell from the pixels

  • alextc

    those eyes alone make her hot

  • Justin

    Sure those eyes are pretty, if your naive enough to believe that the photo's untouched. That's the problem with 'shopping, now I don't know what's real anymore!

  • PiddlyD

    #15 – maybe I'm being too literal – but using a Mac or PC doesn't decide the length or complexity of a WiFi code. That Mac code could just as easily be used to allow Windows PCs to connect. When you understand this, there isn't anything funny about this picture – it is either fan-boyism or stupidity. I guess ignorance is bliss for Mac users.

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