Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

a whatever 23 Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

  • gozergirl

    $12 for water??

    • shakes_head

      well, it was a large water…

  • Brandon

    Holy retarded taco, Batman!

  • Nv_Me

    Receipt Picture- Here is who paid for this –
    This is an actual receipt from Nello’s in New York City.
    The customer was Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who had no problem dropping 47k on food and drinks for himself and five other people.

  • Rich JM

    Does anyone know what those rabbit / people thing is from? Looks like it’s from a film….

  • Phil

    wow a 7 thousand dollar gratuity aka tip. not bad.

  • HellHathNoFury

    And nine cents. I’d say umm I don’t think i have nine cents.

  • ken

    $45k of the bill was on the 7 bottles of wine. He obviously splurged on the rarest bottles in their cellar. What caught my eye was $28 for “parmesan chunks.” For that price, they could at least grate it.

    One thing is fo sho..Tyrone ain’t springin’ for the tab!

    LOL on the Federal St mud fresco

  • boneman

    A wild guess about the girl taped up in frame #3…
    She was having a good laugh untill they shaved her hair and gave her to the sleeping dude in #15.
    (probably wasn’t laughing anymore…)

  • vasilly

    The first picture is racist.

    • Big Bob

      So where exactly is the racism? The guy is losing badly and whoever made up the caption is pointing it out. Are you saying “get it together” is a racist term? Is that phrase only spoken by people of a certain ethnicity? If it were a little old lady that was losing badly and it said “Shit Gertrude, get it together” would you have claimed racism? So just because he is black means it’s racist? It sounds to me like you’re the one that’s stereotyping here and assuming the racism.

  • claiborne

    The receipt was from Russian Prime Minister …….dork. check TMZ

  • Vicarious

    mmm swedish lesbians…

  • aaron

    I bet the wine was amazing….


  • ken

    What if you order a $5,000 bottle of wine, they open it up and le6t you taste it and you don’t like it? Can you imagine the scene it would create if you tried to send back a $5,000 bottle of wine?

    “This one’s no good, open me another!”

  • doo dah doo doo

    dude for a $7k tip everyone at that table better have cum at least once during the service.

  • Big Bob

    About the $7k gratuity – just another reason why automatically added tips that are based on a percentage are ridiculous! So this guy served roughly 15 people and got a $7k tip. Did he really bust his ass any more than another waiter that served 15 other people who’s bill came to only $500? Even if the tip was divided up among the staff equally, it’s silly that one table had to give so much more of a tip then the table next to them! Tips should be given solely on how well the staff performed, not based on the prices of the place.

  • Here's my opinion:

    I'm white and I'm deeply, deeply, make that deeply offended by all of the racist photos in this series. Many of them mock and degrade whites. How come there aren't any minorities dressed up in silly garb, or how come there aren't any retarded-looking minorities standing out in front of a school photo, or how come there aren't minority lesbian couples, or how come…? Get the point? I'm not sure that I can go on with the rest of my day, I'm so offended and hurt. Reread the Chive's disclaimer–see below. It doesn't mention that any effort will be made to suck the dicks of the PC Nazis.

    • Mario

      If you care so damn much, do not look at this website. They didn't force you to, you chose to come to this site, this is their form of freedom of speech as well as press through the internet.

      • archer

        Mario, do duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh back down in your pipe. It was sarcasm

  • kkkkkkkkkkk

    Here's an actual quote from Alex Trbek: "Historically, minorities perform very poorly on Jeopardy, especially African-Americans. Also, they tend to have horrific body odor and coarse manners."

  • HellHathNoFury

    It’s great to have money, but that is just foolish. I would never allow anyone to spend that kind of money on me. He just paid 47g’s for um, poo.

  • thatwasntthequestion

    The Cristal Rose Magnum is a 5.0 litre bottle. He ordered two of them. That’s 10 litres of champagne. 2 bottles of Chateau Petrus – $5 k each. That’s a very good bordeaux (but depends on the vintage). Probably a very old bottle based on the price.

    Hope he enjoyed it.

  • thatwasntthequestion

    Don’t sweat it, Hell. I got nine cents for you.

  • steve

    no you are racist for pointing out racism.

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