Cocky croc gets delt with (5 photos)

a crocodile hippo 2 Cocky croc gets delt with (5 photos)

  • top dog

    He was young and didn't know any better, Hippo's and Croc are natural enemies. Now he is hippo dung.

    • Johnny Come Lately

      Not natural enemies. Seen plenty side by side in Africa. Hippos just don't like anything walking on their backs.

  • ELHSgirl

    haha thats great

  • luca

    the title iz the shit :))

  • Icu_Nv_Dis_Dic

    OK- I’ll be the one to Post it:

    Hungry Hungry Hippo

    O- Boyyyy……..

  • krisb

    Don’t hippos kill more people than any other mammal?

  • ...

    lol nice

  • Anonymous

    cool shots, but I’m pretty sure in that last one, the hippo isn’t swalling the croc. I think the hippo is really just biting the side of the croc.

  • xscsodf

    Wow this is retarded. The hippo obviously hasn’t swallowed the croc, you can see the rest of its body right behind the hippo’s head.

  • kirby

    the hippo won’t eat it, they don’t eat meat, but do kill other animals (protection/aggression) there very aggressive and territorial

  • s3xt0y

    Being in a group of hippos is worse than a group of alligators.

  • HellHathNoFury

    In Soviet Russia, hippo eats Crocodile!

  • BDizzle

    This looks so photoshopped its not funny. Cant believe no one else sees it!

    • everything'shopped

      Your comment is so fake, you didn't write that

  • Robzilla!




  • ken

    A Crock’s last words:

    “Whoa! These things are alive???”

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon

    Looks real to me, and hippos are mean as hell.

  • F-u

    You can see the other side of the crocidiller in the last picture. my sister pointed that out.

  • Grassley = awesome

    you guys are retarted it doesn’t say croc gets ate by hippo it say it gets delt with. Why do you assume that the hippo is eatting the croc?

  • bigdaddy

    HA!!!!what a croc……..

  • Equalizer


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  • Locode


  • JaMeS


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  • Psarae

    At least in Africa, so probably yes.

  • Kristian

    Bahahaha! That is hilarious!

  • Nate_karr

    hey turbo, i don’t think anyone said the hippo was swallowing the croc.

  • Fjones

    Well, any mammal except for other people.

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