• Rat

    she is not that hot

  • candyman

    russian girls are just too hot! she reminds me of claudia schiffer. wish we had tv hosts that hot in the usa. closes is maria menunos.

  • Icu_Nv_Dis_Dic

    Wuddaya Faggot?

  • top dog

    Not bad, not to bad at all. I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating cookies.

  • thatwasntthequestion

    Dirty whore…needs a spankin’.

  • s3xt0y

    She looks like dexters wife

  • Anonymous

    It’s just too bad Russians are worthless.

  • KP

    Looks kinda like a real estate agent…….

  • Grassley = awesome

    who ever says she isn't hot should think about their sexuality, because you are a fag.

    • BenDerDunDatGotHat

      Or maybe we just have better taste in women than you do.

  • Anonymous

    this is such a creepy site

  • Equalizer

    She’s not that Hot but I’ll still bang her!

  • Obetivos

    Where is the body?….hummm…

  • Bill The Welder

    Ok what ever homo.

  • evanligus

    He is right, nice body but common face!

  • sticks

    I actally find her face to be the most attractive part of her.

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