In Russia, this is a hobby (8 Photos)

jump weird In Russia, this is a hobby (8 Photos)

It’s 20 feet from building to building but there is a 4 story drop (40 ft.) from the 9th floor to the 5th. This is a growing trend in Russia, were people like dying.
For all things crazy Russian visit the great EnglishRussia!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I could name several people whom I would love to introduce that to…

  • mulki

    Hey John, I glad to count myself as one of the million visitors you guys get every day, and I’m hoping you guys get everything you want, but can you please, please proofread your stuff a little bit before posting, re: “were people like to die”. I know its a photo blog and not a novel, but it would be nice for annoying pricks like me. Thanks and keep up the good work.

    p.s. still waiting for the permanent HHNF page.

  • Roscoe

    This is what we call “thinning the herd.” If they are dumb enough to do this, then it’s hard to feel too sorry for them when one succumbs to gravity!

  • goposaur

    Russian ruffies.

  • Juliett

    Darwinian Selection!!

  • F-u

    I love the young people. *old man voice*

  • evanligus

    Hey guys, you are mistaken, this “sport” was invented in France.
    Look at “parkour” on youtube and you will find some cool stuff.

  • robin yates

    must make the day seem a lot more exciting, when you know that is in front of you

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  • Kim

    If I lived in Russia I’d be jumping off of buildings too.

  • Jordo

    HHNF, what the fuck are you waiting for???? You get at least a 90% approvel rating from the comment crowd. I would guess your dragging your feet because you dont want to hear the neg feed back. ALL modles have someone saying there fat, ugly, what ever. I would bet a pay chech that their gf or bf is no where near who thay were bashing.

    HHNF, DO IT!!!!!! Your hot, you know it, I know it, The Chive knows it! DO IT!!!

    P.S. I do have one question. Your org pic was smoken hot, but your new ones…look like a totaly diffrent person!!! Which one looks like….you? The first one, or the new ones?
    (my spelling suxs…I know)

  • mahphuckinpumb


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  • Kioshiro

    i would liek to see the landing though …. great post anyway !

  • Mad

    lol idiots. do some research first. its called le parkour. it came to russia from france. its a hobby in a lot of european countries.

    • Thor Mannion

      eat me

  • rso

    i love russia omg. they’re tragic and immature and they are going to win. because they are tragic and immature. parkour in france is great – but it’s really concrete ballet. this, however, is inexcusable – in no normal country would it ever happen. only in russia.

  • pay attenion

    Did every single commenter miss the camera crew located on the other building?

    • Thor Mannion


  • HellHathNoFury

    Bwhahaha! Okay, Mulki, maybe when giving grammar-and-spelling-Nazi adivice, you should use it yourself. ‘I glad to count myself’ and ‘its’ instead of ‘it’s’, short for ‘it is’.
    P.S. They’re still waiting for me to send it to them.

  • James

    props to HHNF

  • Brandon

    Hahah, pwnd!

  • mulki

    Point taken

  • HellHathNoFury

    Hopefully they both look like me, seeing as they both are me.

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