Kids make the world go 'round.. (23 photos)

a kids awesome dope 16 Kids make the world go 'round.. (23 photos)

  • Lance

    What does the black & white photo have to do with kids?

  • Swingman

    To Lance: When you see it, you’ll shit bricks

  • Bill The Welder

    Seriously that first one had better be fake.

  • Vance

    #5 reminds me of the pedophile guy on butterfly effect

    • Rachele

      You obviously do not get it. Yuna and Tidus. ❤

  • Lady Shamisen

    seriously dude, I can’t see what the b&w picture has to do with kids either and I’ve REALLY looked (you can tell I’m SERIOUS because I used CAPITALS!)
    Unless it’s the little kid in the bottom right corner, but it’s not exacly amusing.

  • asdasd

    I believe it’s its face of disgust.

  • Mr Hollandia

    WHY is the diaper from kid #2 loose??o.0

    • Mr Hollandia

      whoops!! my bad everybody! ik meant kid #3;)

      • Rachele

        Its her Dress.

        But its nice that you NOTICED that.

  • Kohsei

    Yes when you aattch name to place, face to name, face to place, etc., the issue does become a bit bigger. Maybe that’s a good way for me to look at it one of those alone is not quite enough to cause major concern. And in this instance, there was no name. Not until I aattched myself to the picture, anyway. 🙂 This was quite possibly an isolated incident, and I don’t think any harm was done, but yes it probably would be wise of me to approach the issue, for the sake of the organization and any future implications. Great thoughts. Thank you for sharing them.

  • One Sick Puppy!

    Oh yeah…it’s photoshopped. You can tell by the pixels and I’ve seen quite a few photoshops in my time…

  • Bill The Welder

    Look underneath the contortionists left elbow.

  • Lady Shamisen

    Oh dear God, I still can’t see it! Are we still talking about the kid in white watching – I just don’t get it.

    *sobs in shame*

  • Miko

    No, we all see the little kid watching… But what’s notable about that? Is that the joke that its inappropriate for a little kid to watch a contortionist or what??? Give us answers.

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