The Blue Angels don't suck at all

a blue angels 8 The Blue Angels don't suck at all

  • Anonymous

    The British Red Arrows are generally regarded to be best in the world.

    • Anonymous

      You sound like a terrorist to me.

    • Sam

      By the British you mean. And that's because they have never seen the Blue Angels.

      • Honkers

        Except they're British so they can't be as good as the Blue Angels.

    • chinless brit

      … by brits, no one else. Patting yourself on the back is the most popular pastime in Britain

  • aaron


  • kirby

    yea these guys blow compared to the red arrow’s and they dress like thunderbirds puppets

  • balls

    Real pilots fly real aircraft, not trainers like the Red Arrows.

    • bernie

      The red arrows use trainers a). to keep operating costs down and b). the other aircraft they have access to are too heavy for low speed aerobatics (the harrier, F3 tornado, jaguar or euro fighter). The blue angles how ever always use front line aircraft (f18’s at the moment i think), and by “coincidence” they have a MASSIVE accident ratio, with more than a few fatalities in the last few years.

      F18’s may be seen by you to be ‘real aircraft’ but they are not capable of half of what a red arrow hawk can do, they’re too heavy and have too much wing area.

      • Brian

        The Blue Angels have had THREE accidents since 1990, two fatal (1999 & 2007). Before that the last fatality was 1985. Demo teams had many more accidents in smaller trainer aircraft like the A-4 and T-38, which are lighter, have smaller wing area and are more maneuverable.

      • Sam

        This gallery shows several pictures of the Blues doing a formation loop WITH THE LANDING GEAR DOWN. Red Arrows can't do that, they don't have the power to do a loop slow enough to not over-speed the landing gear. There is also a picture of #6 at about 5 feet above the runway, the C-130 doing a JATO take-off, and the formation pictures that show the wing tips about 3 feet from the other jets canopy.

        The Reds don't do any of that…

        Your point has been proven INVALID.

  • jawbreakerIII

    YEAH !!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Didn’t know Jack Sparrow had joined the US Navy!
    *that’s how I get to work every day*

  • Anonymous

    I wasn’t slagging off the Blue Angels’ so don’t be ignorant and slag off the Red Arrows, I was just pointing out that they are the worlds most famous and respected air display team.

  • Anonymous

    er…yes they are. mate if u saw the red arrows they are by far the better unit. iv seen both and that is fact…as well as pilots wanting to join the red arrows are tested and examined much more thoroughly trained hence why they dont go crashing into each other like the blue batty boys

  • pooper

    i like cheese.

  • Big Dave

    Yes they are

  • intricadocia

    I am lucky enough to see the Blue Angels practice twice a week right over where I work and live in Pensacola FL. I have seen other flight teams, but nothing compares to the Blue Angels.

  • Der Strohman

    Lol italians+rammstein. There is also the air forces thunderbirds though, who do more international venues and use the lighter f16 falcon. Plus who cares who’s better I would give my left nut to see any of them in performance.


    If I started goofing around work with the heavy machinery I’d be fired!

    Stick some dork in a multi-million dollar jet, paid by the taxpayer & it’s considered cool?

    My argument is valid

  • john

    If I started goofing around work with the heavy machinery I’d be fired!

    Stick some dork in a multi-million dollar jet, paid by the taxpayer & it’s considered cool?

    My argument is valid

  • chinless brit

    brits are always claiming that this or that british thing is the best in the world, but who has designated it that ? only other brits. I think the brits are confused and think its still the 19th century. Sorry, youre a small little euro island nation that is broke and swamped with immigrants and chavs and history has passed you by, get over it.

  • Bill The Welder

    No they’re not.

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