The Chive is the 800 lb. gorilla on your computer. Clocks 1 Million hits in single day

gorilla hat lead The Chive is the 800 lb. gorilla on your computer. Clocks 1 Million hits in single day
One year ago today, we officially launched The Chive. Our growth has been brisk to say the least but never in our wildest dreams did we think that a year later we would get 1,000,000 visits in a single day (and by noon Pacific time no less). We’re now the world’s largest photo blog and we’d like to thank the shit out of all the Chivers for your support. We could not have done this without you.
But what we’re most proud of is that we’re not some massive, well-oiled corporate website. We’re just two brothers who wanted to date supermodels. So spread the word, we’re letting this drugged-up gorilla out of the living room. In the coming months we aim to become the #1 entertainment website in the world. Suck on that, corporation people

TheChive is not scratch-n-sniff, but would like to be
The Chive will always pick up your dry cleaning
The Chive Rules

Chive On!
-Leo and John

  • Chiver

    reality check…

    you guys suck! 🙂

  • Leon

    thanks, chive guys and great work

  • LAURA134

    thats really sweet. my work goes by much faster because of the chive

  • Graz

    Grats from a long time lurker.


    badass. my blog got 1,000 hits once and i jizzed my pants

  • robert ball

    Congratulations. You guys have given me some of the best laughs I’ve ever seen! And some of the most appealing eye candy on the face of the planet, by the way. Good work, and keep on Chivin’!!!

  • smitho

    Congrats to you both, your site has been a regular part of my day since i found it mid-summer. Keep it up!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Happy happy birthday, from all of us to you…
    We hope you brought some alcohol so we can party, too, hey!

  • aaron

    Just like O’Doyle, the chive rules. Mazel Tov.

  • Matt

    congrats guys. good work!

  • LOL

    Okay…so now that y’all have hit the big time…WHERE ARE OUR PRESENTS?!? 🙂

    I mean really…it’s your b-day…and we will spank you if you want…:o! But I want to be able to shoot a private message to some people! And when will we have lockable/un-imitatable names? Hmmm?

    I promote y’all every dang place I go…”Hi…I’m _________…you want to see something funny?” And I pull y’all up right on my blackberry.

    😉 I even joined the facebook chive page…y’all know there’s a chive on fb? 😀

  • Stu

    And I was all proud of myself for getting 10 000 visits to my blog. You win. Congrats.

  • chantelle

    AWESOME NEWS! Nice job guys! I love it! :The Man” can totally suck it now, eh? =)

  • MavsHMB

    Happy Birthday, ChiveGuys! I check in at least once a day and never fail to share the funniest stuff I find here. Way to go!

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  • rrrr

    Once in the middle of the night, i sneaked up to my computer and it was looking at the chive…

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