The 'World's Tallest Model' is… (10 Photos)

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worlds tallets replace The 'World's Tallest Model' is... (10 Photos)

Her name is Eve, and she’s an Australian ‘model’ measuring nearly 7 feet (162cm). Her bikini had to be specially made for the shoot as well as, I assume, all of her clothes. Photo sources below.

Photo Source 1-4 Here. Photo Source 5-10 Here.

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  • El guahe

    Very hot! I would fu*k her!!!

  • Josef Blough

    it says she’s american on another site. just think tho, she could deepthroat anyone. i’m just sayin …

  • cheezebits

    Anyone ever watch the episode of Futurama when they go to Amazonia?
    I think that is where this woman originates from. She loves the Snoo Snoo!

  • Da Sandman

    i still would…

  • MikeK

    Yeah… 162 cm is not tall. Math, people!!! 200 cm + is tall!

  • bob

    bad metric conversion. 162cm makes her 5'5"

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  • Anonymous

    Girl poto

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