Hot Right Now: I’d follow Captain Irachka to the end of the cosplay earth (22 Photos)

Just droppin' some bombs (18 Photos)

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thumbs up Just droppin' some bombs (18 Photos)

Thanks to all the Chivers who made bombing runs this week. Send all photobomb (and all WTF, Hot Facebook/Chiver, General Insanity) to thechivesubmit [at]

gmail [dot]


  • Sarah

    #12 is Creepy!!

  • heref

    How is the first comment not about the jogger??

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  • F-u


  • Nate_karr

    pic #2…. beautiful ass.

  • Laura

    thumbs up is right. that chick is hot (ya i’m a girl)

  • shane

    good batch

  • aaron

    picture # 2…for the win.

  • Matt

    don’t see how #2 is a bomb. Shes hot and the one thats turned around is pretty good looking too.

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  • Baiyao

    #12,seriously fun

  • yo

    picture counters are gay

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  • Thaman

    Hot Bombs

  • yoshi

    funny lol

  • Prabhakarashmi

    Good to see enjoying fatty one’s with drink.

  • amer

    هاي اني من بغداد

  • Hood

    Um, half of these aren’t even photobombs, and the ones that do count are pretty lame.


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