Girl with chronic same-pose duckface disease (18 Photos)

chronic duckface Girl with chronic same pose duckface disease (18 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    OMG I randomly stumbled across this page through imgur and I totally know this girl wtf.

  • Anonymous

    wowwwwwww I love when people post picture of me and can’t even ask. God get laid please and stop complaining about other people.

  • Malia

    FYI There’s a 6 year old in one of your pictures and if you do not take this site down my lawyer will be contacting you. Go pay someone to suck you off since you obviously have no life or cock.

  • Anonymous

    all of you should srsly get a life. find something better to do than talk about people you dont know online. and whoever made this site…is a loser who must hate her for no reason…. bet half of you wouldnt say this to her face

    • joe janisse

      I don’t reckon I would say anything to her face. Fuuuugly

  • Anonymous

    This bitch needs to be shot,i seriously hate duckface pictures.

  • Shawna

    I don't and NEVER will do the kiss face…duck face whatever. I know it looks retarded thats why I don't do it! I've never understood why they can't tell how stupid that is. My cousin does that shit too. I just want to punch her in the face and tell how dumb she looks. And I also think any girl who makes that face should not wear the aviators. …thats just me.

  • Lucy

    What else would you expect from a Twilight saga fan?

  • Matt

    I always thought it was a hint that you are willing to have NSA sex for free when you post it on myspace. And the one with the dumb cunt rolls her eyes up in the head means I give head.
    It is true. I know from experience time and time again. These kind of girls usually sit on the internet solicitating. Again EXPERIENCE

  • Anonymous

    This chick is Uhh-gleee!! Wow!

  • Ѕтоорнч Ѕіск Бшоч

    OMG she's ugly !

  • randomspeaker

    Were these pics stolen off of your camera or did you have these posted online, such as on your MySpace or Facebook account? If you had these online then you have paid an ignorant atty & made an absurd threat that u can file suit. If these pics were stolen off a device sorry to hear… All things posted online, even private comments or pics become public info & are available through threads to everyone after 2 years.

    Bullying is very mean even though I hate duck face posing too.

  • nunya

    Even the dog and cat were thinking wtf really you are an idiot faced dumb ass. Nice tits though you should take more pics of them

  • Random Bro

    Holy Shit! i wen to school with the girl on the left in the first pic

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  • Faiza

    My friend, I houonr your wisdom and congratulate you on listen to that moment of clarity. I am all too late in my response, but you have good friends here. Good on ya girl. Enjoy the moment, enjoy the weekends, and enjoy life. Hope to see you soon…

  • HellHathNoFury

    Life is like a hurricanaaane, here in duckburg…

  • Anonymous


  • ssddlf

    Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes
    It’s a duck – blur!

  • Mr. Irony

    Thank you for your comment. That one made me laugh the most.

    A shorty 240


    hahaha i like how the eyebrows get progressively thinner and more fucked up. its almost painful to watch!

  • Bobo The Piss-Clown

    These are actually many different photos of the same woman.

    Photography it is a difficult concept to grasp I understand but keep up the good work, you’ll get it in the end.

  • Bobo The Piss-Clown

    Femininity is just sooooooooo 2008.

    Get real, we all like soul-less, empty, shallow attention whores like these ones now, did you not get the memo?

  • Nateb123

    It’s pretty hard to miss that memo. It’s sewn on to every Ed Hardy piece of clothing. Oh wait…

  • confused

    nice stach though i want to let mine grow out like that

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