SF Weekly writes article on The Chive phenomenon

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chive sf lead SF Weekly writes article on The Chive phenomenon
The preeminent west coast tech blogger Alexia Tsotsis has written this article about The Chive. CLICK HERE to read this mother.
Related topic: The best part about Alexia aside from her brains – she’s hot.

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  • LARS

    good read. i come here every day. didn’t know half the continental US was joining me

  • LAURA134

    good work boys :)

  • HellHathNoFury

    *pops collar* You know they’re only here because I am, since they have good taste. Holy guidos, I just became a douchebag.

  • Ja Ja Ram


  • ian

    i went to high school with alexia! somehow i’m not surprised by her line of work – seems perfect for her :-D

  • Esra

    It’s a Point of View thing the artists draw hsepas on an angled room/building so that from one specific PoV it looks like a perfect circle/square etc. Really cool. Check out #44 #47 here:

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