Some people are rocket scientists, some people can turn dirt into art (10 photos 1 video)

  • HellHathNoFury

    Is it just sad that those sandcastles are nicer..and bigger..than my house?
    *dont build your house on the sandy land, dont build it too near the shore, well it might look kinda nice but you’ll have to build it twice…*

  • Jordo

    HHNF, As I really like your new pic, it looks like a totaly diffrent person. Which one do you really look like? The first one, or the new one?
    And when you gonna give your pics to the chive for them to post up?

  • Matt

    WOW thats amazing! Very nice!

  • s3xt0y


  • Chuck

    seems like these people really take sandcastle very seriously

  • DW

    the pictures are takin in
    Harrison Hot Springs,B.C.
    Canada 2hrs from Vancouver

  • ken

    Fantastic. I’m glad there are cameras to document their work. I’d hate to spend all that time only to have them quickly fall with no record.

  • noodlesJefferson

    nice poem. now what rhymes with go drown yourself

  • Anon

    Sand tastes funny.

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