The Ferrari 458 Italia has strange powers over ladies (10 photos)

ferrari 458 italia 0 The Ferrari 458 Italia has strange powers over ladies (10 photos)

  • HellHathNoFury

    The only women worth riding in that thing would also know how to drive it….not into a pole.

  • wut

    absolutely gorgeous car, but the tail lights look like the front of a fiat multipla…

  • Vitorla

    Can anyone explain the significance of the sorostitutes removing their panties in front of grandmas and children. I understand the joke, but what could they possibly be doing?

    • gildo

      um who fucking cares? I’ll be happy in the ignorance!

  • s3xt0y

    Good looks.

  • top dog

    That last picture look like it was taken in Europe some where. It ain’t the car that make the women take off their thongs. Most of them just don’t like wear painties under a dress. Seeeeexxxyy!!

  • Todd

    Is it just me or are the panty droppers at a Disney red carpet? Is that a Disney logo behind them? What movie is that for? Snow White and Seven Dwarfs….in bed?

  • ken

    Beautiful. The person who can afford to own it doesn’t need it to pick up women. Hopefully they would buy it to enjoy driving a great car.

    I’ve wondered that if I won Powerball or something that if I would get a car like that? Probably not. I would probably stick to some high end production car like a Porsche. Something that I wouldn’t feel like weeping if it got dented or wrecked.

    Burt Ferrari consistently makes beautiful cars. They’re like art!

  • gOOOOOU!

    BIMBOS… Mussolini is turning in his grave as he watches how superficial the present day women of his country are. Haha some guy is gonna marry these hos someday.

    • Hydey101

      Firstly sir it’s photo shopped they are on a Disney red carpet ffs. Second one is married. Thirdly Mussolini was italian these wenches are English well one of them is from Newcastle so tech is retarded but English none the less.

  • spare201

    Definately a pantie dropper. I would beat that car like it owed me money.

  • Pete252932

    The last photo is a photoshopped picture of the UK girl band, Girls Aloud from the Disney Channel Kids Awards 2004.

  • SilentThunder

    is it me or are the cars in exactly the same position… it’s almost as if the different colours are photoshopped on!

    If it is shopped, then I’m not too impressed with the attempt at the soft-top.

    Perhaps it’s a just different 3D rendering on the same model position!

  • Brian King
  • custom302

    None of them Ho's would appreciate a car like that

  • Sayaka

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  • top dog

    It keep’s a smile on grandpa’s face.

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