Nobody cares right? It's 'cause nobody can see your face (15 Photos)

weird kid sucks Nobody cares right? It's 'cause nobody can see your face (15 Photos)

  • Brandon

    Shit… The youth of today is pathetically doomed.

    "Oh looks, I has a saw. I am so scenemo. El Oh El."

    • Egon

      Youth of Today broke up like 20 years ago.

  • krisb

    I'm so sad that all these sad emos are so sad.
    But like the heading says:NOBODY CARES!

    • Egon

      They don't look very sad to me.

  • ChrisDG74

    God, I hate emos.

    Remember emo kids: Cut ACROSS the wrist.

    • Blip

      Actually, cut down the wrist for the best results.

      • Annie

        down or across depends on the desired results… do you just wanna look sad?

      • Darby

        across the tracks for attention and down the tracks for effect 😀

    • Egon

      And I hate people who think that "emo" is a count noun. It isn't, and pluralizing it makes you sound retarded.

  • PatF

    I wish my lawn was that emo – it would cut itself!


    what do you even call these people?

    • George Danger Cruz

      the emo chicks i would call at 1 a.m and everytime i come back home i would call it a "passover". im not jewish, just for laughs, and the guys i would call fags. lets be honest… looking like a chick is so 1980.

  • Jose

    Yeah, they look so cool right next to the toilet.

  • ken

    Uh-boy. These folks really like taking pictures of themselves to document how sad they are, but my fave is the kid on the RR tracks. He is so sad that I wish the train would come and put him out of our misery.

    I hope the kid with the black eye tattoo that it is not a real tattoo.

  • krisb

    Wonder how long they practice the lips, the stare, the sadness in their bedroom mirror till they’re ready to take the pic and post it for all the world to see. Guess their parents don’t understand them. I’m always sad with a roof over my head, food to eat, a car etc.

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  • awesome

    Are these dudes….??? Grow a pair and man up.

  • gozergirl


  • HellHathNoFury

    last pic…jim morrison FTW!!!

  • Anonymous

    these people are whiny mutts iv heard of some gay trends but this by far the gayest

  • ken

    Speaking of showing your face, how did you get your Avatar on here?

  • MartyMcFly

    Dad’s gonna be pissed you took his saw out of the shed

  • Ian

    Words cannot express how much I fucking hate emos.

  • F-u

    PatF, don’t you have to cut DOWN, not across? Your lawn would double in size. Plus, who doesn’t like long grass?
    to the first picture: Bill Kaulitz (sp?) is ugly enough.
    Second pic: Dykes.
    3rd: pink eyeshadow will never make me look that miserable.
    4th: Looks like Beavis (or was it butthead?)
    5th: Why’d you have to waste your good looks? At least she won’t be complaining about how sad she is.
    6th: Tourists are supposed to be hipsters and happy.
    7th: I hope he’s chopping off all those parts of him that make him the way he is.
    8th: Aren’t those the same ones from the 2nd picture?
    9th: Snav and Moob.
    10th: Isn’t he playing that Russian train-track game? Good one fr the emos.
    11th: I’m a wannabe skater, but you can tell I don’t actually skate because i’d either get beat up for wearing foundation or have colour.
    12th: Cry-baby juggalo?
    13th: Which one’s the bitch, which one’s the butch?
    14th: I’ve begun to believe most of these “black and white” photos are actually coloured pictures, but all the “extremist emos” wear is black and white, so no difference.
    As for other scene kids, they look like rainbows threw up on them.

  • KP

    I just don’t “get it”…

  • hellooo

    They try and make themselves different from one another only to end up all looking the same. Pretty lame really.

  • battleangel

    NYC late 70’s early 80’s almost the same look

  • 1ijack

    i hate emo

  • blu

    these arnt even real people.

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  • Kev


  • RGO

    where i live (mexico)
    punch this kind of kids until they die (seriously)

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