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weird kid sucks Nobody cares right? It's 'cause nobody can see your face (15 Photos)

  • Bacon

    I'd love to take every emo in the world, and throw them into Zimbabwe, Madagascar, or any other place where people's lives are actually hard.

  • Jason Bell

    These guys make Heart Hands even more repulsively annoying and played out.

  • FAN!

    that cracked me up!

  • Anonymous

    you sir just made my day

  • Nick

    That is epic.

  • One Sick Puppy!

    i’ve heard that one a million times…..

  • Matt

    funny but i’ve heard it to many times.

  • Mr. Irony

    It never gets old…… HA HA HA. The joke and Emo’s cutting themselves because they are stupid.

  • Anonymous

    havnt you seen southpark these people are called fags…stupid douchebags trying to draw attention to themselves..Fags

  • Anonymous

    fuck you jim morrison was the king

  • Anonymous

    Not Really

  • HellHathNoFury

    You do mean Lizard King, I hope. You’re awefully full of yourself for someone who can’t even show his face.

  • donuteyes

    jim morrison was a drunken hack wannabe poet. his whole existence was completely contrived to gain attention… like a fucking child.

  • HellHathNoFury

    go to gravatar dot com, put in your email and a pic you like, and it will come up on any site you use your email to log into

  • StudleyPendejos

    The king of Heroin

  • Brandon

    Cool. Let’s see if this works.

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