Twitter's offices for anyone who gives a flying… (24 photos)

a twitter offices 4 Twitter's offices for anyone who gives a flying... (24 photos)


  • Scott

    Fuck Twitter

  • Chris

    Does anybody actually work there? That would explain a whole lot.

  • w

    this is the most boring pointless gallery ever.
    what a surprise, a boring office for the most pointless website ever

  • Phil

    I guess they value happy employees with low productivity… a dj booth? really?

  • cmg

    what exactly do they do there? That office looks unused.

  • KP

    twitter today………gone tomorrow……..

  • Vicarious

    really cool gallery…needs more boobs though

  • robert ball

    Sterility! Sterility! All is sterility! They must have something against art on walls! Clocks don’t count!

  • Anonymous

    Twitter has aids

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