You've got to be kidding me (7 Photos)

cannot be serious You've got to be kidding me (7 Photos)

Thanks to Logan Ganis for taking this (single) photo on his vacation. This photo was snapped in Madrid. Large photo here.


    just the worst costume ever

  • culoz

    Buenos Aires (Argentina)

  • McBeastie

    Looks like another fun day at Fat Camp.

  • Stan

    that guy is an idiot

  • cuervo

    my eyes!!!! it burns!

    • pundit

      mein eyes! Ze goggles! Zey do nothing!

  • HellHathNoFury

    I knew I shouldn’t have worn that Halloween costume out drinking…

  • F-u

    This is why you shouldn’t take my suggestions, sis.

  • Kevin S

    Ahahaha, I saw that guy in Madrid too! He was in Plaza Mayor. He was getting more attention than any other costumed character for the sheer hilarity factor.

  • Dave

    Actually looks like a pink floyd/led zeppelin – era album cover.

  • papasmurf

    Why waste our time with that shit when there are hot babes everywhere. Me so horny !

  • Question

    But wait….. I thought only Americans were obese.

  • blamdummy

    “Everybody gets one”

  • inozio

    must be difficult dressing up in spidey tights and not have any paranoia of people staring at u

  • Did it work?

    I think you would look good with that Spidey Costume on. It would fulfil my dreams

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