America's fixation with balancing anything on anything (20 photos)

a balance stuff 4 America's fixation with balancing anything on anything (20 photos)

  • omg

    2nd last pic was shopped

    • getalifenoob

      yes it was. look at the shadow. and someone gave you a thumbs down..they are a fkn noob

  • Anonymous

    i wonder if those chicks are accually balancing those bottles

    • LOL

      hahahah tyron biggums

    • Johnny

      MySpaceBarsBroken0o on May 16, 2011 There are two things I hate in this world. One is pelpoe who are prejudice against others for their race, and the other thing I just can’t stand is all those Mexicans jumping our border.

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  • Mr. Irony

    I love to see that our Wisconsin Brew makes it way around the states. You guys love that Wisconsin Water. Live the High LIfe

  • rsp

    Nice Collections.

  • chesterdrawers

    I like to balance your mother on my ween…

    • Ferid

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  • Cheshire Cat
  • Anonymous

    The bottles are leaning against the wall.

  • Bobo The Piss-Clown

    Yes, I can tell from the shadows and from seeing quite a few in my time.

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