Hot Right Now: The weekend’s in sight, now we just DGAF (48 Photos)

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a fresh helping of douchebags

add turkey photo Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a fresh helping of douchebags

Send all D-Bags to thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Happy Thanksgiving, Chivers!

  • ALWAYSfcks

    nothing says thanksgiving like a good bagging

  • Bill The Welder

    Well if it wasn’t for douche bags then the rest of us wouldn’t have reasons to feel better about ourselves.

  • pete

    the 2nd to last photo is bad ass those are not douches they are hardcore

  • s3xt0y

    hows the falcon guy a d bag?

  • Fats-T

    pink polo shirts and blue flavour rum coolers? lol!! Falcon guy is awesome though, I want a falcon.

  • Anonymous

    what a pack of cunts

  • Markkens

    nothing like a Puerto Rican wedding to bring ’em out…

  • Anonymous

    The one with they guy with the eagle should be under the dude, you are awesome album

    • CTK

      How could you possibly think that's an eagle?

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  • D'oh

    I agree with Mister Anonymous, picture number 14 is awesome, douchebags don’t have eagles or wear coats that awesome. I also approve on the female bathing suit in picture 6, however the girl in it needs more curves.

    • Liz

      agreed, though a girl also has to wax with that suit. possibly worth it.

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  • rayray

    that guy in the second pic with the bb gun is scary

  • Liz

    dude my dad’s a falconer, it’s fucking cool. he’s got a peregrine–his name is wally. but does anyone else think that #7 is the GAYEST (no offense) photo they have ever seen? i mean seriously, inspect every element of it, and each element will be gay. these guys could be from west hollywood and if so i would like their numbas.

  • Liz

    i ESPECIALLY love the double popped-collar. pink AND orange. tres fab.

  • Liz

    and i hope those particular douchebags see this.

  • Weezy

    The first pic sums it up…… D bags = turkeys

  • Brandon

    Hardcore virgins.

    The guy with the falcon made me laugh.

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