New photos of the world’s tallest model arrive (6 Photos, 1 video)

Photo Source 6-10 Here. Photo Source 1-5 Here.
Check out models face planting on the runway here.
ELSEWHERE IN THE NETWORK: They actually recreated ‘Mad Max’ in the destert…with hot chicks, right here.

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  • David

    A truly remarkable lady. Quite nice looking. I would hope she can meet a nice man proportional to her height. Shame on those making such vulger comments about a person who through no failt of her own is abnormally tall. Consideration for her feelings and how she goes through her daily life would be the gentlemanly approach. She deserves respect and admiration for the woman she truly is!

  • theLOLguy

    I’d hit it.

  • Homeboy

    The biggest camel toe in the worlf 😀

    • !

      enough with the fucking camel toe comments. one person says it so everyone else has to?

  • Hellia


  • Flappy

    I would do her. I boned a giant chick. Cool.

  • ArrGee

    Is that an ‘ex-bloke’?

  • john

    i lost my garage door opener

  • awesome

    I’d climb her like a tree!

  • awesome

    I’d climb her like a tree.

  • awesome

    I would climb her like a tree.

  • john

    that was a man at 1 time !!!

  • Anonymous

    she make good snu snu

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  • Rob

    She is definitely not a man. I met a woman who was 6″7 and very feminine and fit so 7 ft is not out of the question. And yeah I’d hit that over and over again.

  • Jay

    Holly F*ck! I wanna climb that piece of ass!

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  • Anonymous

    she was awesome in avatar.

  • Get a life

    David, I have to agree with you. Some of the nasty comments people make because they can hide behind a computer is sad. That lets one know that the people how made nasty comments about her shows their mother did not raise them correctly or with respect. How would they feel if she was their daughter, sister, family member or friend. The worst thing about it is these people were the ones in most cases that were picked on and now they are attacking someone else.

  • Tpow

    Thats fuckin scary as hell

  • GreenLanturn

    Damn! I’d never know where to start! I could spend hours going over her with my lips and still not see everything! She can tie me up and treat me like a toy any day. “You want me on my knees? Yes ma’am!” I can just imagine those legs wrapped around my head…

    She is hot!… Does she have a twin? lol

    All you idiots saying she is a man are just afraid of something different than the stereotypical short girl… open your minds (I’ll be opening my pants).

  • sufyan

    EVE I m really interested in you.
    reply me

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  • White guy

    God dam she’s a fucking crane

  • Duncan Winn

    She is just under 6′ 9″ Four inches taller than I am. That would be strange.

  • Richard

    Amazon Eve’s latest video shot in Australia:

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