Daily afternoon randomness (23 photos)

moms twilight lead Daily afternoon randomness (23 photos)

  • mahphuckinpumbaa

    #12 is givin us her best O face

  • blueberryvoodoo

    chick flipping off pattinson is my new best friend

    • Jawbone


  • psara

    It’s a good thing Robert Pattinson is 23, then…..

  • anymouse

    lady gaga, wtf? seriously?!

  • maebs

    so gaga is now a couch

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    […] 参照元:theCHIVE(英語) […]

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  • woah

    i came across this little gem by clicking the random button. I feel like I'm reading vintage DAR, 20 photos, 6 comments. No firsters. This…. this is just pure awesomness.

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