Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

funny stuff 14 Daily morning randomness (25 photos)

  • Stiff

    godbless the chive for supporting anything pedo bear

  • Leslie

    i fucking hate starbucks

  • krisb

    pic 9 – did she fall in a vat of shit? Not attractive.
    pic 17 – why do white people pretend they’re black? I’m sure normal white and black people just think they’re idiots.

    • Anonymous

      we deffently think they’re idoits

  • Lenka

    what is that thing with the 2 iphones?

  • mahphuckinpumbaa

    The little kids shirt at the end is awesome!

  • HellHathNoFury

    Wow…those who support pedobear need to be KO’d

  • psara

    That mower thing is the best/worst idea ever

  • Ken

    Is that *really* the easiest way they could think of to trim the hedges?

    Nice tan, Honey. You look like the poster child for liver disease.

    Melting cheese on toast when you’ve forgotten your industrial sized broiler.

  • Equalizer

    last pics is Funny!

  • top dog

    What kinda man would put a tattoo on his ass?

  • at work

    the last picture is hilarious

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  • puddintane

    #17 is not only a douche, he's also a geek…….See "hoverhands"

  • Bryan

    #17 HDs are crap.

  • McWhitey

    @Harley Sign. Pretty funny, problem is fat f*ck harley riders can't read. Hell…they're probably riding a Jap bike and don't even know it!

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