MySpace gangsters, the Diet Coke of thuggery (18 Photos)

myspace gangsters lead1 MySpace gangsters, the Diet Coke of thuggery (18 Photos)

  • krisb

    Jesus, everytime I see these kind of pics I wanna go hit somebody.

    • stevo

      these kind of people wind me the fuck up, id knock the fuck out of these pricks in a 1 on 1

  • John

    Hey all,

    we’re working on fixing the commentar avatars. we switched servers and some stuff is a bit janked up at the moment but we’ll have them worked out shortly


  • Landon

    these people are complete idiots. i think some of them might be retarded

  • Brandon

    Itz da muthafuckin Grinch crunk, bitchz!

    No matter how hard they try, Asians can never look gangster. Gotta love the white kid with “niggaz” written in Sharpie on his chest though.

    • user_cheng

      The Yakuza and Triad say “hi”

      • FUCK YOU

        hi, we’re from the south east of asia. we don’t call ourselves gangsters but we do stuff like kidnap children and sell their body parts, mostly asian hookers service you up are smuggle by us, so is crack you smoke. pls don’t mind by calling us gangster or not 🙂

        • haha

          kidnap childern and sell their body parts? u one fuck tard, btw im asian too and ur sad

  • xavi

    pic15 get rich or die by kellogs… Imao

    • Brandon

      It looks like they’re wearing some sort of magical pants.

  • josh

    love all the Sponge Bob pictures and posters in pic 8

    • krisb

      Yeah, big tough guy w/ Sponge Bob.

    • Patrick Star


  • krisb

    Guess the kid in #1 just cashed his McDonalds paycheck. Time to buy some Kool’s yo!

  • Halotron

    The crazy thing about this is that you’re probably looking at future felons here.

    They are so obsessed with the gangsta lifestyle of guns, drugs and crime that they’ll probably end up in jail eventually.

    • Anonymous

      the crazy reality is that if any of these kids fucked around i would skull fuck to death in the street they should all buy guns and use them on themselves it would make this world a lot better

  • Anonymous

    i cant believe these people breath the same air as me “the horror, the horror”

  • acash

    i pray to god none of these people procreate

  • Mumu

    Unfortunately they usually end up being the ones with 5 to 6 baby mamas in the neighbourhood

  • Vance

    My kindergarten class could dress themselves better than this

  • Ken

    This is why inbreeding is taboo.

    • joey

      hahahahah lol thats right

  • HellHathNoFury

    People really need to stop frequenting the wefare office.

  • sock puppet

    Nothing is more gansta than a Hello Kitty bandana. That dude will never be able to shoot straight with both eyes pointing in different directions.

  • Equalizer

    Waste of time to write a comment

  • amy

    man – half of those guys could get whacked for looking that way !!! if not all of them .. trying to be something they arent .. what a bunch of douches!!!! thats’ all they are !!!! either wearing the wrong color or making the wrong kind of hand gestures … they’re just sorry wanna be assholes!!!!!!!

  • DarkMonkey

    lol the guy in the super colourful hoodie with a grill (#9) looks like a giant baby.

  • Anonymous

    Those sharpie tattoos are so hardcore!

  • Tap

    WTF it’s only some kind of retarded?

  • Chi Guy

    Let me tell you about a guy a went to school with.

    He wanted to be a writer and was obsessed with ghetto culture constantly trying to dress and act the part. He was from well off parents from an all white area. I’m from Chicago but he wouldn’t listen to my warnings.

    He got the bright idea to go to a basketball court in North Little Rock Arkansas and hang out and connect with the “Brothers” and all that.

    They beat him into a coma and to this day he can’t talk right and his mother has to take care of him like a baby. He’s almost almost 40 years old now.

  • Jackson

    They are all retarded and on drugs. Hope they kill each other or die of drug-induced problems.

  • yL

    i even know one of the fags there..niggas rocking pink, one ugly ass nigga

  • Deerslayer

    Why is there an arrow pointing to the orange tip on a clear plastic gun? Did who ever send that miss the fact that it was transparent and feel the need to note the brightly colored tip?

  • Dingo

    i kinda want to kill my self now…

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