• Leslie

    dude, that is seriously one of the funniest photos I ever saw

  • Alexander

    Holy shit i can’t stop lmao

  • krisb

    That’s a fat kid. Is she gonna eat that thing?

  • petrus

    that baby is a monster

  • Paul S

    Why are the parents taking a photo rather than stopping her?

  • mahphuckinpumbaa

    She’s just showin a little love 🙂

  • doa

    lil fucker kid of fuckers parents

    • Brandon

      Thanks for sharing. Your comment was truly an enlightening and agreeable read.

  • s3xt0y

    nasty fat baby

  • El gato es mío

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  • sds

    I eat kitty now

  • dave

    obese child and animal cruelty… its an American double whammy.

  • Mumu

    LOL, the poor cat has gone to Kitty Heaven.

  • Ken

    Oh, that is NOT cool at all. Whomever is taking that photo (instead of supervising their gomer) needs to get their ass kicked.

  • slacker33455

    why is the chive posting this repugnant content? this is not entertaining at all. in fact, it’s the opposite. this should be removed imho. please don’t do this again chive. please. =(

    • The Baron

      “slacker33455 says:
      November 30, 2009 at 10:03 pm
      why is the chive posting this repugnant content? this is not entertaining at all. in fact, it’s the opposite. this should be removed imho. please don’t do this again chive. please. =(”

      Good Lord, get a life. I don’t understand why people all over the internets are so uptight. If you did not enjoy the photo, do not look at it again. You do have some choice in this matter. It is not The Chive’s responsibility to post content that everyone thinks is kosher. Take some personal responsibility and don’t come here again. Sorry ’bout the rant. Just sick of this shit.

  • Joe

    Why would you post animal cruelty? then again i’m a whining baby so whatever

  • Az

    You guys are awesome

  • Matt

    Thats seriously hilarious!

  • Wince

    The libertarian in me dies a little bit when I see kids that disgustingly fat.

  • Nightmare

    Yeah, seriously. That’s not even funny. Some fat ass kid choking the cat and some dumb ass just watching. Way to fail.

  • Az

    Gotta love the way your comments are altered if they are not liked by the administrators.

  • Ward Beaver

    i saw the photo earlier today. I’m sad you took it down because it was really funny. why does everybody go crazy over animals? the cat was fine. it wasn’t limp or hurt. get over it

  • Ken

    I agree that there was no need to take the photo down but I don’t think it was a funny photo.

    The photo shows an unsupervised child doing something it should not be allowed to be doing. the scene is nothing to be standing by to photograph. Even if you don’t give a rat’s ass about the kitten, the child’s behavior could lead to a serious bite or scratch from the animal trying to protect itself.

    Kids that age don’t know better but parents should know better than to leave children unsupervised with animals. These are the instances where we later read in the paper about some toddler getting mauled by a pet and how dangerous animals can be.

    The photo is notable a worth viewing. But whoever took the photo is an ass.

  • par 4 course

    there was no need to remove the photo. it was funny

  • yeahsure

    The photo was pretty horrible,animal cruelty is never funny,the child doesn’t know any better and i find those that were calling the child names quite pathetic…its the idiot with the camera who is at fault here.But there was no need to remove the picture,it helped to reveal the more morbid and desensitized among us!

  • Anonymous

    okey holy fuck i seen this picture the other day why would you take it down? its not that bad its just a kid holding a cat its not like she was old enough to know better and yeah the cat might of been choked a bit but im sure it was alright i bet that kid got scratched to fuck after that photo like its fucken funny it would be a good photo to show that kid when shes grown up especially if she has cats……plus fuck cats anyway its not like theres not millions out there anyway..and the guy who took the photo might be a dick maybe his kid does this quite often so he decided to take a picture like no one fucken knows sorry about the rant but people need to either stay off the site or join peta and fuck a carrot i dont care just stop bitching about photos that some random person submitted shit way worse than this happens to animals and kids for that matter everyday lighten up

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