The Chive Photo of the Day

Photo removed. The cat is fine and doing well, everybody. We wouldn’t have posted the photo if the cat’s health was compromised in any way. Apologies to anybody who was offended.

  • Anonymous

    im offended that i cant see the picture… deeply …deeply offended you communist pigs

  • pep

    I need this pic, this was a great pic. for all the people that caught some feelings do you think a person would really let there cat die in front of them and than send a pic of it cmon now. people today are toooooooo sensitive

  • CMG

    wtf? did someone alert PETA or something. geez people, lighten up.
    Anyone who has ever had a cat knows they aren’t that delicate. lol

  • Ken

    People who keep invoking “PETA” every time an issue of animal welfare is brought up need to get a serious clue about something.

    There is a distinct and decided difference between “Animal Welfare” and “Animal Rights.”

    PETA is an “Animal Rights” group. They believe that animals have legal rights similar to humans and they they shouldn’t be used as food or even as pets.

    “Animal Welfare” is different. Advocates of animal welfare frequently believe that exploiting animals is okay but think that minimizing animal suffering while using them is important.

    The argument that if a person enjoys an hamburger for lunch that they lose credibility in saying we shouldn’t torture animals for fun is an argument grounded on an arguemtn confusing Animal Rights with Animal Welfare.

    Animal cruelty is fucked not because of the intrinsic value of the animal but in the moral standards to which we hold ourselves as humans that are smarter and more powerful than the animals over which we have dominion.

    Torturing the weak, dumb and innocent for jollies is fucked. Those who defend it are either twisted or feeble minded.

  • iloveyourmom

    I can’t argue anything coz the picture has been removed, I just feel bored so I comment something I don’t know 🙂

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