A rare same-face duckface douchebag found in the wild (12 Photos)

same face quotes A rare same face duckface douchebag found in the wild (12 Photos)

Complete with Rock n’ Roll quotes…

  • Angel

    this man is the douchebag’s god

    • Buck

      douchebag’s god’s god

  • inozio

    I wonder what prompts them to do such miraculous acts…

  • Twisted Sister

    I’d be willing to forgive the duckface if he’d shave off that God-awful excuse for a mustache. That thing is a crime against humanity.

    • Anonymous

      yeah like jesus buddy nice fucken chin strap

  • afer

    permanent brain damage

  • HellHathNoFury

    *gets cattle prod* okay, bring him on.

  • yeahsure

    i wonder has he any idea what a twat he is?

  • Anonymous

    if this guy gets any gayer im going to puke

  • Brandon

    The first pic made me think he was some sort of punk/metal fan turned d-bag, and i was embarrassed for our kind, but then i realized he’s just a “normal” d-bag who is abusing the horns, and now i feel a bit better.

  • mahphuckinpumbaa

    damn posers pretending they like metal.

  • Phil

    tilt your head just a little more…

    • Pitty

      I have never felt such a case of indigestion and pity at the same time.

  • Douchebag4Life

    duck faces, horns… the end is coming…

  • http://www.realitywired.com/a-rare-same-face-duckface-douchebag-found-in-the-wild-12-photos.html A rare same-face duckface douchebag found in the wild (12 Photos) | Reality Wired

    […] via: thechive.com […]

  • One Sick Puppy!

    duckface poser guys= FAGS!!

  • Anonymous

    he’s giving the horns bad rep

  • Anonymous

    Horns…? I thought he was showing the size of his dick…!
    Looking at the pics again, I’m sure I’m right..

  • DownCrisis

    Mustache? What about the bad goatee? When a girl gets that it’s called a landing strip, and considerably further down on her body. Maybe he’s secretly advertising what he really is inside?

  • johnwhopper

    You guys are silly, you dont know whats cool!

  • J. Chop

    What a joke. How come he is making a kissy face in every picture. I want him to take a picture with me. He can make a kissy face, and I will punch him in it. And for the tool above me. Neither do you, Homosexual uber alles!!

  • patton303

    I swear to fucking God…er… I mean…. I swear to fucking douchebag that if the guy
    above the guy above me isn’t kidding, that I will shoot him myself.
    Somehow…. through the internet…. with an internet based killing weapon of some sort.

  • top dog

    Douchebag? this guy is a fuck nutt.

  • Supernymous

    How does one learn to make that face? I shall go practice in the mirror in case someone brings a polaroid to my picnic.

  • m6a6t6t

    Why do faggots like this have to destroy the meaning of the devil horns? Fucking homo.


    u are al DOUCHE BAGS. You all don't have profile pics coz u ugly mother fuckers


    Shows how much you know about POPULAR culture

    Try house music on for size BIAAAAAATCHES!

  • adobe

    I know this douchebag, and thats exactly what he is, A DOUCHEBAG.He acts like a teenager in all his photos.

  • Tammy

    lol this is such a lame post i like the pictures

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