• Anonymous

    That was awesome.

    BTW was it really the best idea to describe the black guy as a "monkey"?

    • Pi

      I really think they compared him to a monkey because of his agility, and not because of his color… the fact that you even thought about it makes you the racist

    • Brandon

      And he is obviously Indian or some sort of south-Asian persuasion. The fact that you automatically assumed he was off African or Caribbean descent is doubly racist.

      • pundit

        it says kenya you idiot. youre all racists but maybe not a good idea to call him monkey man. just sayin…..

      • Anonymous

        so let me get this straight. In your world calling a black man from KENYA a “monkey” is okay?
        and you said he was racist.

        • Bobert


    • Anonymous

      its that nigger guy

      • Jhon

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    • Frank

      I think Pi is another black racist, I think is perfectly ok to call him monkey man based on his abilities not his color. There are light color monkeys as well by the way and ultimately if they didn't call him "monkey man" given the fact that he resembles one then what should have they called him? The "sloth man"?

  • Anonymous

    just because he’s black you call him Amazing Monkey Man? the chive are a bunch of racists

    • Apoorva

      i actually just saw this guyu live in india on a school trip. he calls himself the monkey man.

    • hendrixman

      now thats just fuckin dumb bro. i can do alot of shit like that and im brown skinned and i think of it kinda like monkeys too. and monkeys are his favorite animal so thats just a fuckin compliment to him. shut your jesse jackson dumb ass up. you dont know what racism is

  • Pi

    sorry, that was to the other anonymous guy 😐

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  • Vincent

    if you actually watch the video 'monkey man' is the first thing that came to my mind. that was really cool.

    • Shelly

      Hi there. Thanks for your comment and I would be dlthgieed if you shared this blog with your readers. Happy reading and do visit again soon.


    yeah, callin that crazy fuck monkey man is about as far from racist as it gets and much closer to the truth

  • Angel

    that was amazing

  • yeahsure

    Holy crap!The dude climbing the walls is black,lets focus om that!

    • Anonymous

      Please discuss.

  • Jim Choney

    parkour parkour!!!

  • Ben

    Wow, that’s impressive!!!

  • Sicko

    Haha….yeah…I’ll call him a monkey! He’s a monkey for more than one reason!! haha

    • s3xt0y

      your racist you dick.

      this is awesome.

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  • nhh

    asassins creed!

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing

  • Dani

    Reminds me of Dan Osman…..

  • anon

    assassins creed….

  • ervin

    thats a monkey not a black man

  • Scribbles

    And I thought I could do Parkour…

  • vernsolo

    parkour is also called urban monkey running and the video stated that he based his moves after monkeys. nice try trolling

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