From Russia with love: Elena Korikova (26 photos)

a elena korikova 21 From Russia with love: Elena Korikova (26 photos)

  • JoeClyde

    She aint ugly.

    • Brandon

      Yeah, i guess i would let her have sex with me. *shrug*

  • Anonymous

    hot damnnnn!!!

    brb gonna go throw my ugly ass off a cliff

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  • Anonymous

    i do likey

  • mmm

    I want to chew on her labia

  • lordonlow

    YAWWWWWWN… i’m in LA – you can go to a starbucks on the westside and see a dozen broads that are easily as good as this, and several that wipe her out.

    • Overlord

      Yes lordlow you can go to starbucks in LA and be surrounded by women who look just like her. (been there and she is still nicer looking)…but what does that matter to you when all you are is a little gay boy who only whines about beautiful women cuz they get far more dick than your gaunt/pimply ass ever will….She is stunning and as always a faggot shows himself by downing a sexy woman due to his insecurity at not being “pretty” like the hot bitch he wished he had been born….go throw a tantrum and leave the pictures of women to men…

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


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