The Chive Photo of the Day

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bender bomb The Chive Photo of the Day
Thanks to Itamar Latin who took this photo. Apparently he was in disbelief when he checked his camera after a huge weekend bender (pun intended). As ya’ll know, if a photo has anything to do with ‘Futurama’, it has a home at The Chive.

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  • John

    Bender’s Back, baby!

  • Warrick

    Hey Everybody!

  • James

    Futruama FTW


    only the greatest photobomb in history

  • StanHOUSE

    it’s bender, what do you expect?

  • Rotto

    Dream sluts of america, awake!!!

  • jeremy

    wow. its amazing what complete and utter garbage is listed as popular. Its a regular boring pictue at a bar .. so what if there is a “bender” in the background. !!

    • jer jer

      wow, you’re a dick

  • Lana


  • Its_Bender_Baby


    Bite my shiny metal ass!!!


  • Chevs

    Pic was taken in Toronto during halloween?

  • Brother Tel

    Meh, he could have been drunk when he took the photo and not remembered.

  • paul

    either bring it back with the correct voices or dont bother,

  • boom music

    actually alcohol fuels their power circuits

  • at work

    Bender bomb!!

  • Electronico

    huge weekend bender !

  • casa rural estella

    I like Futurama

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