The Chive Photo of the Day

bender bomb The Chive Photo of the Day
Thanks to Itamar Latin who took this photo. Apparently he was in disbelief when he checked his camera after a huge weekend bender (pun intended). As ya’ll know, if a photo has anything to do with ‘Futurama’, it has a home at The Chive.

  • John

    Bender’s Back, baby!

  • Warrick

    Hey Everybody!

  • James

    Futruama FTW


    only the greatest photobomb in history

  • StanHOUSE

    it’s bender, what do you expect?

  • Rotto

    Dream sluts of america, awake!!!

  • jeremy

    wow. its amazing what complete and utter garbage is listed as popular. Its a regular boring pictue at a bar .. so what if there is a “bender” in the background. !!

    • jer jer

      wow, you’re a dick

  • Lana


  • Its_Bender_Baby


    Bite my shiny metal ass!!!


  • Chevs

    Pic was taken in Toronto during halloween?

  • Brother Tel

    Meh, he could have been drunk when he took the photo and not remembered.

  • paul

    either bring it back with the correct voices or dont bother,

  • boom music

    actually alcohol fuels their power circuits

  • at work

    Bender bomb!!

  • Electronico

    huge weekend bender !

  • casa rural estella

    I like Futurama

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