Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

gtfo baby Daily Afternoon Randomness (29 Photos)

  • Megarath

    OM NOM NOM … turkey leg … so delicious! nom nom nom nom mmmmmm

  • Innuit



    They are all drinking urine and she’s filling the glasses.

  • alaskan ant farm

    Bulimia party!

  • sandy

    I found my wedding ring but lost my dignity

  • aaron

    i think i have a picture of a kid i know with that tranny thats with keanu reeves. where do i get that doggy style polo

  • christiandeme

    Well nice to see Devin Hester’s ass is tone. Anyone know who makes that polo?

  • natekarr

    I want that Black polo as well…

  • immalawyer

    I like those things where it has the stroyline in pictures like that hillary clinton/putin one, anyone know of a site devoted to those?

    • Lady Shamisen


    • Anonymous

      Its superpoop =]

  • Tom

    #1 is just awesome!

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  • Anonymous

    ok, the mafia wars and the cat in the tree are just…..wow!

  • Brandon

    Definitely want one of those polos too

  • Ken

    Is Santa holding raw meat? I guess the Alligator must have been really nice this year.

    #1 rejected birthday cake design for nursing homes.

    Cross country mud skiing? Another harbinger of global warming.

    Black Polo = Win

    Morning sickness party?

  • Ramen Douchebag

    leaders play mafia wars

  • orno man

    That finger stand is nothing. Those fake “bricks” are filled with helium. I saw a bit about it on the helium channel.

    • Martin

      You're good, l'ed ol!

  • Mel

    That girl in the last photo has an exceptionally long right arm…

    • iamthewalrus

      lol i agree and ive seent he pic in like 30 different albums and everytime i do i get more curious as to what is in that toilet.

    • C-Mo


  • Puddintane

    Please where to find that polo.

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