Tattoos in ears (15 photos)

a ear tattoo 13 Tattoos in ears (15 photos)


    Wow – some great tattoos there!

  • daba duu

    i have tattoos and this for me looks nasty they look like a dirty ear ugh, and their not even pretty and they look cheap and faded.

  • J. Chop

    Nice Industrial, pussy!

  • HellHathNoFury

    My friend has directional arrows on the inside of both ears for in one and out the other. Doesn’t surprise me, he’s blonde.

  • top dog

    Looks painful to me.

    • PRoPAiN!

      If you think those suckers hurt when they got them, just wait until nobody will give them a job until they get them lasered off: ears + hot laser = buttload of hurt!

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  • aseirinn

    Clean your ears!!!

  • Brian Gibbs

    Great tattoos half the comments here must be from dickheads who wouldn’t have a clue

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