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  • immalawyer

    Thats so cruel, laughing at a innoccent child

    Funny as *&(^ though

    • sheul

      funniest is her shoe lights up b4 she falls lol

  • Daan

    oh neuh! sounds like the gay from fguy

  • smitho

    Silly bint.

  • Brandon

    Oh wait, those aren’t stairs…

  • Caring father

    Not even a little, itty bit funny. It was old the first time.

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  • manolo

    was that really funny? after watching it again, yes. It is.

  • jf4242

    Not even a little funny. hurt/injured child not funny. laughing at hurt child = a**hole

  • duck

    yea really funny you stupid cunts

  • top dog

    Whats so funny about a little girl falling off stage?

  • me

    OMG is happening!!
    everybody get away from the plants!!

  • brandon cg

    her light shoes haha

  • Nagrom

    Thats not funny you sick fuck.

    How would you like it if it was your child?

    You OBVIOUSLY DON’T have kids yourself.


  • wombat247

    An idiotic self-absorbed newscaster squashing grapes, cheating to “win” the contest, falling, making obscenely disturbing sounds while her co-workers utter “ah neuh” but keep airing the video is funny. An innocent kid being excited to see her parents and falling off a stage because of it… not funny.

    • Nagrom

      Hear hear.

  • shane

    i dont care what anyone says that shit was halarious

    • Nagrom

      Lets hope you fall off something then, only let’s also hope you break every cunting bone in your fucked up body.


  • McQ

    That shit ain’t funny. You’re a dumb mutherfucker.

  • PJ

    You stupid mother fuckers. I hope you fucking die for thinking that’s funny. Stupid cocksuckers…

  • Blah

    The girl was fine, did you see her crying? She was still smiling when she got up!

  • John

    No funny, no laughing you bastard!

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