Umm, yeah. Yer doin it wrong. (24 photos)

a yer doin it wrong i9 17 Umm, yeah. Yer doin it wrong. (24 photos)

  • Carpenter

    Actually, #5 is doing all Right. . .Its called planning, you make your cabinets out of cardboard to see how everything is going to fit. . .

  • Brandon

    The plastic surgery failure kind of looks like Gina Gershon in the “after” pic…

    • Chiver!

      It’s actually Janice Dickinson.

      • Anonymous

        She actually looked quite good before she became a trout-lipped mega bitch.

        • Mr. Irony

          Wow. Couldn’t have been said better. Thanks for making my day.

  • Carpenter

    #7 rather. . .

  • Ken

    Not looking too good for that helicopter. Probably some soiled flight suits in the cockpit.

    It’s never too early to start killing brain cells with the beer bong. So, lets take photos of us introducing the kid to the beer bong. That way, when there is an investigation of why the kid is so intoxicated there will be enough evidence to get us in trouble!

    I wonder if having your toddlers around increases a stripper’s tips?

    Wrought Iron fence = win.

  • Anonymous

    what are you doing on that Horse, Cow? you’re not a horse, you’re a cow!

  • B

    I don’t see the problem with the fishing one. That’s how I always wind up fishing. 😀

  • HellHathNoFury

    Ew, chick on the left in the undies pic has the same body as me. Poor baby. *shudder*
    And if I ever do anything like the moms in the stripper pic, just shoot me.

  • Ken

    HHNF is trying to shake a few cyber-stalkers by cropping her photos and downplaying her attractiveness. Learning the same lesson as Tiger Woods, HHNF? Fame sucks. 😉

    • HellHathNoFury

      unlike tiger Woods’ conquest, I know fame sucks, so I don’t suck for fame.

      • neilhimself

        really HHNF? posting pics of yourself and commenting on every post about your job/your body/your life is not a fame whore? please grow up and get a life out of this site. those people cyberstalking you that make you feel all good inside are probably scary retards sitting on their computer. but thats already how low i see you. well to each her own

  • Laura

    The cow one is really a double fail. Not only is it a cow trying to do a horse, that cow is a female.

    • HellHathNoFury

      Hey, Lo. I think yuo know full well that Appa and mrs. Slippers used to hump every other bunny in the house. It’s a sign of dominance, not male sexuality. I hope. I’d never be able to look at Appa the same way.

  • Mr.Entropy

    #2 reminds me of SimCity.

  • Charles

    How does Chive make such a good topic so unfunny?

  • never_to-return

    I’m thinkin’ at least a third of these photos would not exist if abortion was legally practiced worldwide.

  • Dave

    I have yet to understand why the pic of the dad wearing the Tool shirt is a fail

  • Rhyme

    13 seems to be doing it RIGHT, actually. What’s wrong with celebrating bodies in all shapes and sizes?

  • Equalizer

    3rd to the last pic, taking their kids to work. (role model mothers)

  • Enestor

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