Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

never give up Daily Afternoon Randomness (20 Photos)

  • Merlin

    the Baconator looks delicious



    • Megarath


    • just some dude

      haha. whata dumbass

      • wolbogsa


  • Jessehi5

    I’ve got some bad news for you, Warren

  • Ken

    Crap! I needed a baby sitter for my snake.

    That’s a lot of Lamborghinis

  • simonebitesss

    i would definitely eat chocolate covered bacon. no shame.

    • Crabbieguy

      I have had the chocolate covered bacon it is pretty tasty.

      • Bolognese

        You should try the bacon covered chocolate, I hear it’s awful.

  • Mars

    last chick is hot, yeah she could beat my ass but i don’t care. hot.

  • krisb

    MLK pic is the funniest I have ever seen! EPIC WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jojo

    I don’t know whether to be turned on or frightened by last chick.

  • gk

    in #4, 3 through 5 are where it’s at.

  • janice

    Please tell me the one wit the cop is shopped. PLEASE.

  • Plimpton

    chive, I’m a dick but i tip my hat. you win.

  • Hotdog Neck

    Please change the Home link at the bottom of each photo journal back to THECHIVE.com not SHECHIVE.com. It’s annoying.

  • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

    Twins probably but one has mild facial deformities probably or its a basic shop job.

  • psara

    I vote for #5 on that chart

    • Anonymous

      lol feminists are funny

      • lolzies!!!

        Lol dickheads are funny

      • psara

        Haha, skinny girls aren’t skinny for men.

  • xavi

    i think the last one is Rafael Nadal¨?! he become a women

  • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

    Hmmm, posts disappearing from the comment section and posts moving around randomly, looks like this upgrade has some bugs.

  • http://billthewelder.wordpress.com billthewelder

    Just noticed that a pic is missing to.

  • HellHathNoFury

    Looks like I’m banned or something? Loverly.

    • psara

      You don’t seem banned…

    • just some dude

      it’s becuase you changed your profile pic. I think you should change it back…or maybe even one in a bikini or something. That’s sure to get you unbanned.

  • Nice Job, Leo

    Who’d you steal this from?

  • bastian

    katy perry is sooooo hot

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